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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tim's Tags

Are any of you following Tim's 12 Tags this year? I have been taking my daily tour of his tags and they are lovely as usual. I am making my own with the limited resources I have available, since there are still too many boxes full of scrap stash to unpack and store here in my little snuggery. I only have one cupboard instead of the two I had, and a teeny tiny space in which to work, so the majority of my equipment is still to be given a home. It is fine, actually, it makes me more efficient and more conscious of how many different things I can do with the same stuff! I have made 3 so far, and I am happy with these, and that is the point isn't it; being happy and satisfied with what one has and not what one has not.

I am also starting my run-up to Christmas by trying to source a turkey locally, reading up on how to carve the thing - by the way, Jamie Oliver's video clip on youtube is great and it really makes it SOoooo easy to do; thinking about how to use the oven efficiently now I don't have the advantage of the combi microwave ( miss it terribly!) where all our dishes and glasses are - and the fact that we have now grown to 9 people on Boxing Day!!! That is all we can squeeze in around the table, so no worries about that. Just the quantities and when and where to buy...what to freeze ahead of time.......the usual dilemma's I love to have to think about!! I do enjoy it all, but the key is not getting stressed about it, and just relaxing and sharing the joy. I am learning to do that with each passing year, so this time it will go more smoothly than ever!!!......especially now I have the right music to listen to!!!
Sue xx

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