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Saturday, 4 December 2010

just the fingerless mittens are missing!

Brr! It is cold! It is also 7am on a Saturday morning yet here I am in my pyjamas, scarf, socks and woolly cardigan writing my blog! Tim just went to work and I was awake so it seemed a pity to waste this precious time by going back to sleep. I know, sleep is good too, but I am now getting used to the really early mornings so this feels like midday to me!! I do feel I look a little Scrooge-like though........is this the result of living the single life; one gets to sit in eccentric garb with cups of hot tea whenever the fancy takes one?!! Probably, or else my inner eccentricity is being given free rein and I am going to turn into a silly old dear before much longer...........
or perhaps it is just me feeling free to be me?
are all these self-help books I am indulging in, and all this reflection into my inner self good for me?
do I have secret desires to become a recluse?
or in the words of Freddie Mercury "am I going ever so slightly mad"???? :-)
Ok, if you notice that I have moved to the Outer Hebrides or some other such far flung place, then the answer will be a deafening 'yes'.
This is the book that is causing all the trouble. It is wonderful, and I am devouring page after page as I read her stories and think about her challenges and the actions she wants us to undertake. I am drawn to books that are creative, have wide margins that beg you to write in them, have quotes by the millions, pictures to fire the imagination, and so on, and this book fulfills all of those wishes. The book was written as the result of Patti experiencing the premature death of her step-father who died 37 days after being diagnosed with Cancer. She reflected on what she would do if she knew there were only 37 more days left to live, and how she wanted to live them. It certainly focusses the mind on what the really important issues are in life. I think she sums it up best by saying that one has to 'inhabit' ones life; live it with intention and purpose, following our dreams, leaving behind the story of our lives for others, but making sense of it all for ourselves.
How many of us put off until tomorrow what we ought to have done today?
How many of us give ourselves time frames to do something even though in our hearts we really want to do them now?
How many of us are afraid to take a step towards what we are secretly yearning for?
How many of us will make New Year's Resolutions on 1st January or make promises to others that we will find impossible to keep?
Reading Patti's book will, I hope, enable me to be the best I can be both for myself and for the people in my life, and my story will be remembered.
Sue xx

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