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Friday, 3 December 2010

Hello!! xx

My diet is still going well I am delighted to say. I am hoping for the 10 kilo loss by Christmas so that is my next goal. I have lost 8.9 kilos today so I think it is realistic. It is good to think in little stages; when you reach them it feels great! My friends husband said he would never have recognised me, but then again I have not seen Richard for several years so hardly surprising. But positive.

We have not had any more snow since yesterday but I gather there is 30cm in Horsham according to my mate Peter - and I have just spoken to my aunt who said she has got a few inches as well. It is thinking about it here rather than actually producing the white stuff. I thought this song was perfect for the weather situation - have you listened to it yet?! (WOW, I am just listening to Radio 2 and there was a report of an accident on the Penistone road at Ingbirchworth - I used to live there)!!! So I can absolutely picture where they were talking about............and since when it snows it really snows there, I can only hope that it eases off soon.

I ventured out this morning to do the shopping and stock the freezer just in case we have more snow. I also treated our little Finka to a cat bed that hangs on the radiator as she is so cold. She loves to sit almost on top of the radiator and I am afraid she will burn herself so I went to get her one of these today. I think when she comes downstairs at four o'clock ( our cats are creatures of habit!) she will sniff it, I will place her in it and that will be that! I am hoping she will love it. I so miss my camera ( have I said that before?) I would take a picture otherwise and show you all. The one above I took on the computer so that doesn't count. I am torn between two - the Canon or the Lumix.....waiting to hear which is considered the better one. I am going to use my Christmas money to buy it now I am not going to England which will have saved me about the same amount of money so this is how I am thinking about it. My reasoning re. budgeting is rather simple; I have one amount in the pot and if it doesn't get spent on one thing, it can be used for another, but not extra. I'm hoping this works!!!
My book has arrived!! I was so sure it would be fabulous: a perfect read for me; total anathema to you,  fascinating to me; illogical to you; beautifully illustrated and a feast for my eyes; a total daze for you. We will see, dying to show it to you!! My reason for having it is because I can use it in my counselling/coaching, so I like to think of it as an invaluable textbook that just invites you to dip into it and indulge one's senses and imagination....................delightful!!! I Love it!!
Sue xx

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