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Friday, 17 December 2010

Its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!!!!

The kitchen aroma is of cranberries, oranges and Port - wow, what a wonderful smell it is!! And this morning there was a hint of sherry in the air as I took all the lights and decorations out of the tree and then replaced them all again. It looks great again now, so better stay that way! I have also baked the Jewelled Cheesecake so that I can freeze it tomorrow when it is totally cooled down. I am getting in the spirit now!
The snow here is not as bad as in other parts I gather. Ineke said that there was a lot in Zoetermeer, snowing all day long, also in Amsterdam and Hoorn, but here it is relatively okay still. I think it must have been coming up from the South, so we have to wait and see where it goes next.
I watched the last hour long Takes Two this evening, boy is the Strictly Final anyone's to take. What a close call this year! The best choreography will win it I think as Karen Hardy said. Who will ever forget that awful dance with the lifesize buddy dolls?.............'a dis..as..ter darling'! So I hope the snow doesn't prevent me going to Ann's to join them for the show, but if it does, I will just have to party here alone!!
Sue xx

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