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Friday, 31 December 2010

Costly end to the year..........

So my car wouldn't start yesterday, or this morning, so eventually I decided I had no choice but to call out the ANWB (RAC).........nice man came along with his jump leads etc and determined that the battery was not up to scratch!! "Replace battery" flashed up on his little reader.................so the long and short of it is that I am now 100 euros poorer and Phoebe sounds like a F1 racing car!!! Whoa, what a difference when I fired her up with the new battery!!! No wonder she has been struggling for such a long time, totally under-powered I realise now. I was then able to get the last minute shopping for Tim and 3 apple flaps for us this evening, and come home.
Finka is snuggled happily under her blanket on the spare bed. I debated whether to wait until later on to give her the sedative but a few incredibly loud bangs later I decided she had better start now. I can hear her purring as I type, but her legs are wobbly again and she is sleepy so I am hoping it will all be alright this evening. From around 7pm the fireworks can legally be let off, so it is going to be very noisy and very long......thank goodness there is no need to go anywhere again today!!
Sue xx

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