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Friday, 17 December 2010


Lesson learned. What was the best thing you learned about yourself
this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?
The best lesson I learned about myself this year is to trust my instincts more. I have a strong intuition, sometimes quite scarily so in fact, and in the past I have ignored it when there has been too much fear attached to it. But this year I have learnt that my instincts are good, and that I need to just listen more carefully to them and not be afraid of what they tell me. Taking this forward and applying it is what I am doing more and more especially when learning to coach and counsel, but also at work. I used to keep my opinions to myself as I am not the full-time staff, but actually what I feel about situations there and what can be done about them, seems to be being valued now. Perhaps the trust has been built up now and my sincerity about observations/problems stems from experience and a desire to improve things for us all. Anyway, this is my lesson, and I am grateful for learning it.
Sue xx

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