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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My first 4 tags

Father Christmas of course!!

The meaning of Christmas

Angels are synonymous with the Christmas message

The Christmas Tree
I am enjoying creating again!! I know I have made some cards this year as well as several presents but these are just for ourselves so they are so nice to make again this year. I am particularly pleased with the last one, because I had this idea that I wanted to make a wreath somehow, and it turned out ok! I have a leaf punch which I used for the branches, and I threaded them onto some very thin wire before sticking it under the top of the tree to fix it. Then I used glue dots to separate each leaf around the wire before adding stickle red berries. I am using my distress inks to do the backgrounds as my alcohol inks are still packed, but I prefer inking anyway, so not a problem. I am trying the water splattering technique if you look carefully! Using the white ink first, and heating these stamped images first gives the relief look before I go over the tag with the inks. I am sticking with green, red and silver to match the colours in the house decorations. I think that at the end of Christmas they will turn into a small tag book with my photos and memories on the other side as I have backed each one with Christmas papers already. But during Christmas they will hang in the living room.
Sue xx

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