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Thursday, 31 December 2009

My darling boy

Our darling cat Xander has cancer. I heard that from the vet yesterday, so he came home with me last night and this morning I have to say goodbye to him. There are no words to express how sad we all are, and how heart-broken I feel. Maybe later I can write a better and more fitting epitaph for him, but now I am going for last cuddles and hugs and time with him.
Sue xx

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Xander sick

Last night I thought there was something wrong with our cat Xander; one instinctively recognises that they are not their usual self I guess, and I noticed that his coat was drier and more 'stary' than normal. Then today I thought I saw him breathing a little more laboured so I have rung the vet and am taking him along shortly. He is just sitting on his hottie and breathing heavily and not being a happy bunny at all!!! Xander always picks this time of year to be ill. Twice he has spent Christmas in a cage due to his knee operations and now this!! I wonder if he is one of those cats that ought to live in the Caribbean, and just hates the cold?! It snowed last night too, but the roads are clear at the moment and Peter is on his way to the Black Forest for a few days and he said it was really warm when passing through south Holland! There are claims of 6 inches of snow in Purmerend, but I think that is only someone exaggerating.........................we have far less here of course!! ;-)
Well time to get Xander into his carrier and see what the verdict is. Fingers crossed.
Sue xx