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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Absence makes the heart

grow fonder, they say, so going away for a few days will do me good. I can see if I miss it here. I can see if I am ever going to stop calling 'home', 'home'. I can see how I feel about things - what is important and what is not. I can assess my life. I can take stock. I can reflect. I can make decisions.

Well, of course all that is possible but whether or not it happens remains a secret of the future. Because today is about the present. Getting ready. Cleaning. Packing. Sorting out things I've neglected for a while. Checking and double and sometimes even triple checking I have got everything I need!!! I packed a while ago but this morning  I unpacked and re-packed and weighed the suitcase and felt comfortable about it being less than I feared. I watched the sun go in and the rain start. I cuddled our cats and told them not to fret whilst I am away. They will not be here alone!!! This is a solo flight. Something just for me to enjoy and recharge my fading old batteries. I need to see the hills and the distances between them. I need to be me, free from everything else, back with my family and friends, and just breathe in the air that I miss so very much. It's been too long since I was there, and I am feeling the strain just a little too much. I suppose it is understandable given all that happens and the ups and downs I experience. I long to jump off this roller coaster ride and get back on those prancing horses that just gently bob up and down and go round and round and look so pretty. I need to hear the music of my life again.
Sue xx

Monday, 16 July 2012


....will the sun stay out all day? It was beautiful at 6am this morning but already there are more clouds gathering above and although it is warmer than of late, I am dubious about how long it will stay nice.
I have been cooking since waking up as friends are coming for lunch in honour of Tim and Amber getting their diploma's this last week. The usual worry of 'will there be enough' has not subsided as yet, but I hope so. Numbers are increasing daily!! I am sure I have enough desserts. They are what I enjoy baking the most so the hard part is normally more about which ones to choose. I've gone for something new, not tried before; something I am very fond of, and Tim's request for a boozy Strawberry Trifle!!!
They do not go at all with the Moroccan main course!! But who cares???? Nor will the wine match the meal, or the plates, or the glasses or the napkins, or the chairs, or anything pretty much, but I do not mind in the least. I am just so happy that everybody is coming here! And I am organized, phew!
Enough time to sit back and relax and do nothing for an hour or so, which is pretty good going. Long live the Slow Cooker!!

It was a beautiful day in the end - and the sun stayed out til the evening. I think everybody went away feeling full!!! I certainly did. Thanks for coming one and all.
Sue xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What a treat to look forward to!!!

This looks like being amazing!!! On December 14th this year the movie musical of Les Miserables will come to the big screen. I can hardly wait! Though no doubt I will have to as it will get here later as usual. Wow, Hugh Jackman; Russell Rowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Siegfreid . . . .to name just a few of the stars in it. Watch this official trailer......wait for the tears to fall.....sing along.......lovely.
Sue xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Who eats all the plants, then, Will?!

The most severely nibbled plant on the windowsill.
Attacked on daily basis!

Plant he has barely touched as yet . . . 

Plant on other windowsill so far ignored by Will.

Middle plant on windowsill showing signs of
nibbling already!!

Mr. Innocent himself!!!!
"What me, eat plants? Never!!! How could you
think such a thing"?!!!

Of the two, which one would you be most likely to
suspect, then? Got it in one!!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

They've got their Diploma's!!!

TIm and Amber are now both Banket Bakkers level 2!!! We went to their college this evening for the awarding of their Diploma's. This means in English that they are Patisserie Chefs!! Both of them have got bakeries taking them on for Level 3 so they will work and study at the same time. So happy for them both!!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Well, I think Andy Murray deserves credit for his efforts at Wimbledon this afternoon, and what more fitting name than that associated with William Wallace from the film of the same title.
But I was for Federer all the same . . .hip, hip, hooray.

It poured down with rain all day here, a complete contrast to the lovely weather of yesterday! At least the garden is properly watered after my weeding spree, and I hope I don't need to do any more before next weekend!

Lots to do this week. I need to be on top of my planning and ahead of my game ( still in tennis mode) if I am not going to forget something. Tim just added to my workload but in a nice way but still more planning required. A little under the weather today myself, but no doubt it will pass. Amazing what a good nights sleep can do for a gal!!!
Sue xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012


started with lovely sunshine so now I have a rather sore lower lumber spine and an aching bottom having gone out on my bike to celebrate the warm weather we are enjoying today. It's not going to last. Tomorrow it will rain no doubt. adding to my aches and pains is that fact that I spent the early hours of this morning weeding the front garden ( finally) and making it look pretty good alongside those of our adjoining neighbours. It is such a pity that they don't have an interest in gardening, that's all I'm saying.
Their weeds spread over into our patch and multiply like only a weed can, and before you know it we are over run with the darn things! I also went out for ant boxes as they are running rife front and back. The other night it felt really humid and as if it would thunder and suddenly a whole tribe of them were in the hall. We devastated them with the white powder but the boxes were now over four weeks old and new ones required. Lets hope they do the job.
I got some housework done too and have booked a supervision session for this coming Wednesday evening; I need to complete two hours for level 1 and my tutor has been amazing and offered to do them for me over the summer. I really do need to focus on getting the second essay tidied up and referenced so that it can be submitted: on the to do list along with all the rest!!!
Just one more week to go before I have my trip across the water. I think it is very timely and I definitely need to go away for a while. I want to 'shuffle off my mortal coil' as I believe the immortal Mr. Shakespeare once wrote.
But before I do that, I do wish Andy Murray and Roger Federer a great match tomorrow afternoon. Will the Queen be in attendance? One thinks so. History might just be made over there in SW19. One way or the other, both players will go into the record books. I like to be fair about it!!!!
Sue xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Semi-finals day

Who are you rooting for? Me, I'm for Federer all the way as I would love to see him win another title here at Wimbledon. It would probably be his last so why not? He's a well mannered gentleman who plays a pretty good game of tennis - and never seems to feel the need to grunt his way through a match!!!
Then we have the other semi-final. Are we torn between who we want to win or not, folks? I find it hard to be behind Murray as he once so clearly made us aware that he is Scottish and doesn't give a damm about the English. Well, ok, boyo, maybe we don't care so much for you!! But it is many, many years since someone from the UK actually got into the final of the mens tournament, that I would be fine if he makes it. I used to like Ivan Lendl.
I suspect it will be Tsonga versus Djokovic really, if I'm being honest but having been glued to my seat the last time Murray played Djokovic in Australia it would be an amazing contest if it ends up being between these two players. If it's Tsonga versus Federer then I hope Roger gets the glory.
Anyway, I am going to be watching this afternoon! Thank goodness they now have a roof over Centre Court!!!
Get ready for those Mexican Waves!!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Here we go again!

It's the same every year once Wimbledon Fever hits town. The suffering, the agony, the hope, the excitement, the drama. I can only be referring to Andy Murray!!!!
So far this year there have been thrills and spills galore, and the draw is wide open in the bottom half ( yes, I listen to the commentators!) and Murray has a chance.
Think about it.
1977. Queens Silver Jubilee. Virginia Wade wins Wimbledon.
2012. Queens Diamond Jubilee . . . . . ??????
You never know until that final ball has been thrown in the air and served across the net and....................
So last night was thrilling. Lets hope his luck holds longer than Roskol's did.
Sue xx