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Monday, 31 October 2011

In memorium

Sir Jimmy Saville died this week. He was a true icon in our pop history and a proper gentleman from Yorkshire. I met him actually. Many years ago I lived in Shropshire and was a member of the local Young Farmers Club where I lived. We did a lot of fund raising activities over the years, including for Stoke Mandeville Hospital for Spinal Injuries. A group of us went down to Stoke Mandeville to present our cheque to Jimmy, and it was a very special occasion. There were photos but I unfortunately don't have one any more. Just hearing about his death made me think of this again - an almost forgotten episode in my memory - but it just goes to show that it is never lost completely. He was a total enigma in many ways - always Jimmy Saville, and listening to them talking about it on the radio at the moment, it was that eccentricity that made him so special. A unique individual and a sad loss.
Sue xx

If at first...

you don't succeed, try and try and try - until you get your first square made!! Hip hip!!  hurray!!! I think a square has been born! It's only tiny, but it does look like the one in the video so I am not going to make it any larger, no sir, I am going to make another one instead!! My mini blanket will have lots of smaller squares as it is the first thing I am trying to make. Time for coffee!!!
Sue xx

My Christmas Card Sampler

So I might not have done my crochet but I did find out how to make this sampler on the internet and voila!!! Here are some of my cards to date. It is really interesting to see how my ideas change as I look at which ones I did first, what I am enjoying doing now, and what I have got in mind for the next batch. I have always loved making only one of each design, but just sometimes I  make one I really love, and then I make two!!! :-) I hope you like seeing them but please, don't use them for your own personal gain, just as inspiration for your own pleasure. Ideas are free, but stealing someone else's imagination is really cheap.
Sue xx


and its the 1st of November tomorrow!!! Just two more months of the year to go and it has simply speed by this time. Could it be true that time really flies the older you get?!

In the paper this morning I was reading about the eulogy Steve Jobs sister gave at his funeral. She said his last words were "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow" whilst he looked beyond his family into the distance. I wonder what he saw? Whatever it was, it obviously held no fear for him, instead a sense of wonder and excitement about what lay ahead. A remarkable man indeed.

So making every day count is well worth remembering!! We never get our time back, we can never retrace our steps, we can never undo what is done, so the only thing left is to move forward with all the positivity we can muster!! (tell that to me later when I have wrestled with my crochet once again!!)

I like the look of this film - see trailer - which is about the secret resistance force Churchill established in 1944. One morning the women in a Welsh valley woke up to find all their husbands were gone. Churchill was preparing for any future German occupation apparently . . .It is based on a true story and has Michael Sheen in it which bodes well. This is definitely one for me and Tim!!!

Ah well, think I had better return to my Monday housekeeping before I get too settled down in here!!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 30 October 2011


and did you remember to change your clocks? "Spring forward; fall backward" is how I always learnt it!!
This morning I managed to stay asleep for quite a while as a result, but I suppose it was the normal length of time really. I was tired from too many nights dreaming and not enough deep sleep. I continue with my struggle to learn to crochet, but I did find an easier youtube video and have managed to get as far as the third round!!! Then it all started to look rather messy and I have temporarily stopped trying for this morning.
Instead I found huge blackberries at the supermarket and am going to make a Blackberry & Apple Crumble for dinner! My ultimate and all time favourite dessert, let me tell you, with custard!! TIm has his friend Chris here gaming so I think two hungry boys to feed calls for such warming fare. And I am just spending the day crafting as I want to free up some time soon to start my essay. Have to!! Karen comes over on the 12th so I must have something to share before then....probably she will be finished.

Also came across this film trailer which I would like to see if it comes out here - 25th November in the UK so maybe even not until 2012 here I imagine:- RESISTANCE.

And I was astonished by the amazing preview of what the Queens Armada will turn out to look like on June 3rd 2012!! A sight worth seeing indeed. It is one of the highlights of Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee 4 day celebration, and it was incredible to see the artists impression of it on The Thames. Must make a note that I want to watch BBC on those days!!  I think I am having my annual period of homesickness actually. Hits me every winter when we are getting closer to Christmas, and I wish I was at home. It sort of creeps up on me each year, and even though I am trying to temper it with the knowledge of our holiday next spring, in Cornwall, it is still a yearning in my soul for something I can't find here. So I may feel a little somber at times, sorry.
Sue xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

ok, what am I doing wrong?!!!

My first square looks more like an egg cosy than a flat square. I have followed the demo on youtube meticulously, and cannot find out where I am going wrong?? Help...anybody...help!!!!
Sue xx

Getting ready..

to start my crochet adventure!! These are the beautiful colours I have chosen for the granny square blanket (or cushion if its difficult!) with the ergonomically designed hook I bought this morning in Hoorn. We deliberated over which size hook I needed, and in the end went for 3.75 as a compromise between 3.5 & 4!!! It is a really good wool store in Hoorn, and I was dazzled by the fantastic array of colours and wools stuffed into every available nook and cranny. They do patterns in English. I checked!
But first I need to begin at the beginning, with something easy, and only when I have succeeded with this can I consider a lovely knitting project for the winter telly season! It is very expensive I know, to hand-knit these days - but it is soothing to do, that I remember from times past. I used to knit so much! Then I sort of moved off it when I couldn't feel inspired by the wool that was around at the time. For a long time wool shops just disappeared off the face of the high street, but they have been back for a while, and I for one am glad. Now all I have to do is learn how...
Sue xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Losing it!!

Kilos, that is! The diet has started well. Since Monday I am 2 kilos less. I will take that!! It's not been perfect, but I have followed the rules almost to the letter with the odd biscuit at work snuck in on occasion, but today I am going to the super to stock up on good diet foods for the coming weekend/week. I know it off by heart really, but I still have to cook for Tim so there are other meals to be considered.

First this morning I am taking the cats to the V.E.T.S ( in case they are reading this!!) Genghis comes along for the ride as he doesn't need anything, but it is annual jab time for Miss Finka so he has to come  to preserve the peace and harmony of the household upon our return. I have had their basket in the hall for a few days letting them see it, and dwell on what is to come; lovely red blanket in it too, and a hottie about to go in....well, they deserve some mollycoddling!! The Dreamies will be in my handbag for their treat afterwards - here they are called something else but re-stocking is no longer a problem. Phew!

It is a soft day here - 12C already before the sun rises, so I am happy about that. The month is ending on a quiet note. I am reading more and more UK blogs and really love seeing the countryside as it moves into its sleepy quarter. I am an autumn/winter lover so have no SAD syndrome issues or worries about dark evenings (so long as I don't have to drive). My Debbie Bliss arrived yesterday and I had a mini tutorial at work yesterday so I can now make a crochet chain - yey!!! The colours are Beautiful!! Just as I hoped, thanks! Will let you see them once I get cracking. But now I need to write the list, warm up the carrier and coerce the cats towards it with a dreamie trail . . . .
Sue xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ever have the feeling that there are all these different sides to you that you can turn to when faced with choices that have too many different outcomes?
I do!
And I suppose that is why this blog has the title it deserves, since there are so many paths we can choose and each one will result in a different destination.

I thought this about myself this evening:-
"there is a realist in me that knows. An optimist in me that hopes. A dreamer that wishes magnificent things. A heart that beats with love." I would have to add that there is also a doubter that fears, if I were being truly honest, but then who hasn't got one?! It has to do with which one you chose to listen to at any given moment, and which one ends up being the strongest and most persistent voice of all.
Am I a realist? Not often.
An optimist then? Undoubtedly.
Dreamer? Most of the time!
Romantic? Without question.
Doubter, sceptic, well, they are in the mix that is for sure, but they don't get to come to the party too often thank goodness. If they did, I would live my life so differently, be someone I am not, miss out on all the emotions that travel side by side with my sensitivity and never take a risk again. Imagine never being able to fly again?....or to know what it feels like to walk on air....I simply wouldn't want to live like that. Do you?
Sue xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Time for a reality check!!

Ok, so its two months until Christmas, give or take a week or two! And I need to re-think my diet. Its been creeping back on ever so slowly, but its a trend I am not happy about. I was trying to ignore it, if I'm being honest, but now is the moment to take stock and ACT. The idea of swimming still remains - just need to overcome my issues with 'you know what' . . .but it is the only sport I really enjoy so, yeh, ought to..
The silly thing is, we all know what we have to do to lose weight, right? So why is it so difficult?!!!
I know it is about willpower and the right state of mind, but there has to be more to it than that surely? I am not aiming for a slim me. Not possible to maintain so I have no desire to be a size 12 for two days before starting upwards again. No, I just want to be less, for ever, comfortable in my clothes and appearance, and happy. So, my way of approaching it is to announce it to the world, keep my diet diary once again, and stand on those scales more often!!! Today as it is the first day its a detox start. No bread. No pasta. No rice. No chips. No carbs at all!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

the handiness of other peoples hobbies!!

I read several blogs over in the UK on a regular basis, and find the most useful information on a range of subjects, so where did I turn to this morning in my quest for wool?? THE QUINCE TREE blog! Sue is making a very pretty blanket using granny squares so I reasoned that her choice of wool would be good for me as well. Search....search... and I came up with the Debbie Bliss Cotton wool on the Cabbage patch site. With a sale on!!! Even better!! So I have chosen colours I like rather than anything else, with the future bedroom make-over in mind (of course) and just need to buy a crochet hook this week and I can prepare myself for this new challenge in my crafty existence!! You can tell the winter is approaching with all this hibernating activity happening!! I took the chairs and the cushions in from the garden yesterday as well, and have only got to buy some potting compost for the bulbs, and the garden will be preparing to sleep for the coming months. My wish for a tree is now a wish for spring, but it remains in my mind, and I will get one in 2012!! Too cold now to plant any trees successfully.

I received a lovely comment on my post yesterday, which I have replied to as I rarely receive them, and I was delighted by this one!! I used the google translator to read it, and write back, so I really hope I got it right!? It was most thoughtfully sent to me.

This afternoon we are going to the flicks!! The aversion to 3D glasses has been overcome. Til then it is another lazy Sunday thank goodness!
Sue xx

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Post-related photos

My well-worn copy about to be dusted off and used again this year!

One of the 15!!!

How to use what little space I have in my tiny snuggery when I'm busy!!!

The glitter was drying so had to spread them everywhere!!

I work in this mini space...but its enough actually. S'pose...

My cards are clean and simple designs such as this one this year.

Since I am not sleeping well this week here I am early Saturday morning, blogging!! It's just turned 7am. The light was not great for taking these photos but sometimes it is the peace and quiet of the moment that needs taking advantage of, right? It's dark outside, but not wet. There is the promise of 11C and a nice day to come. Also coffee and Apple Crumble Cake when Ann comes later on!! Tim is ordering it from his bakery along with his three favourite loaves of bread which I am assigned to collecting at 9 o'clock! The first few hours of my weekend are pretty much covered then!!  In my head, jumbled around with the usual weekend chores, are thoughts about my felt project, and the ever-increasing desire to learn to crotchet. Yes, crotchet!! I want to make a blanket for our cats primarily but also for us. There is a book winging its way tomorrow, with 'how to' instructions in it, so all I need to do then, is find the right wool. Probably harder than it sounds since decent wool shops are hard to find. There is one in Hoorn and since I want to go there next Monday it will be my first port of call. Logic behind all this is that if I give myself something to do of an evening whilst watching some telly, I will stay up longer and increase my ability to fall asleep when I get into bed. Plus it is another creative craft I am finally ready to learn. Always hard when you are left-handed like me 'cos no-one wants to teach you!! I just didn't get it when I was younger, despite having a mother and sister that made it look so easy. Same as with knitting. I learnt that when I went to college and decided that I needed to know something about it so that when patients asked me to pick up stitches for them, I would know how to do that!! It is a skill I still need even today, in my work, so time to advance onto another wool-related hobby!!
What ever you all are doing this weekend, enjoy it. Its chance to relax and take time for yourselves.
Sue xx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dreaming of a book nook of my very own...

Want one, please!!!!

Perfect spot for a crocheted blanket and small coffee table, with a large table at the opposite end for my crafting, computing etc. I'd buy a house just based on this space!!! No doubt the view would have to be a different one for you....
Sue xx

A funny thing happened...

You know those adverts for a certain male deo, that depict women running after the male etc??? A strange thing happened to me this morning at work, nothing along those lines but a similar attraction took place I guess: there we were, innocently drinking our first coffee of the day, waiting as clients were arriving etc, when a young man suddenly appeared in our kitchen. He totally ignored everyone else except me, and seemed as though he knew me from somewhere else.....he wanted to buy a sack of wood....but only if I sold it to him apparently!!! I toddled off, took his money, had a chat, and he was gone. My colleague asked me how I knew him:- " never seen him before " I replied. It was so strange really, one of those odd moments you have unexpectedly, and with no obvious sense to it. Maybe he thought I was someone else???
The rest of the week has passed slowly, with me being incredibly tired most days, and only feeling happy some of the time, yet here we are at another weekend already. I was in Ikea in Amsterdam yesterday, along with hoards of other people with  nothing else to do during half term, considering it was pouring down with rain most of the day, and kids adore their meatballs and chips, getting the shelf for over the doorframe between the living room and kitchen. This is our on-going project; to complete the bookcases, and we are finally heading towards getting it done! I know there will have to be some tweaking but the vision in my head is still strong and I know it will be good when we get it all in place, so please let there be time for it soon!!! And I think I bought the right ceiling attachment for the new lamp I bought in Zwolle - so roll on DIY day!!! " You know it makes sense. " ( or is that a different catchphrase)?

Strictly tomorrow. Can Jason do it again????? Will Nancy finally go? What hairdo will Robbie chose?
Will Artem smile? . . . I'll be watching, won't you?!
Sue xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Still debating whether

or not to see The 3 Musketeers in 3D This weekend. Tim and I were not hugely impressed by the 3D glasses when we saw the final Harry Potter and since this movie is only being shown in 3D, we are not yet sure whether to go and see it or not. The plus side: we are both fans of swashbuckling movies!! And this looks like a good version of a very old tale. The down side: wearing those silly glasses and feeling horrible once we come out!! And the price is more. SO, what to do? Let you know after the weekend!!!

This morning we are going to the hairdressers so there is the promised cake cooling downstairs as I type. Tim missed his appointment last week so his penance is a cake for our hairdresser!! I made the Lemon Drizzle Cake as it is simple, delicious, and great with coffee!! Hope they enjoy it. It smelt so good I am thinking of making another one for Saturdays coffee guest!

I made 25 Happy New Year cards yesterday for the order I have been working on. I used the same design on all of them as I have made completely different Christmas card designs to accompany them. I just love the string of lights stamps from Papertrey as they were perfect for seeing in the New Year!! Look so festive and fun with their coloured lights shining across the front. I am thinking about where on earth I last saw my special stuff for making them shiny - can't even remember what it is  called but will know it when I find it, stuff - as that would look amazing too. Hey ho, maybe I am going to HAVE to tackle all those boxes in the attic if I really want to find more stash for my room?!!!
Sue xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Delia's recipe

for homemade mincemeat for our Mince Pies is in the oven this morning!! I am making my own for the first time ever, but it is SO simple; why have I never done it before???? Thanks to Ann and Jackie we have the shredded suet required to make it, so I was weighing and chopping earlier this morning, before going out for the Brandy....only the best comes in small bottles apparently!! So this will be top of the range mincemeat, dear!!! It takes 3 hours to cook, basting as you go, so the kitchen smells divine right now. A real scent of what's to come! Tim has asked to cook the dinner with me this year so he can learn how to do it before he leaves home in the next few years. I'm pleased about it really as he has clear views on what we will eat, and what he prefers, but NO IDEA of the work it all involves!!!

Yesterday at work we carried on with our card making and now more clients are joining in. They are creating their own designs too, which is super, so the variety of cards is growing. We are lucky inasmuch as the local people are very supportive of our little shop and will come along and buy cards and other items on a regular basis. And I have sold the first cards to Ann!!!

Today I am free so it is a chance to catch up here in the home. Not that I am a huge fan of housework but it has to be done and there are no fairies living here as far as I am aware!!! I am determined to enjoy the whole day, what ever it brings.
Sue xx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Strictly disappointing!

Having just watched the results show I am disappointed that Nancy has not gone this week either! I really do feel she is the least impressive contestant, and deserves to leave the show. Pity about Dan but I was not a fan of his either if true be known. I think it is pretty obvious who I personally prefer!!! It was such a brilliant routine for Jason and his partner - Christina choreographed their tango superbly well. It was such fun to watch, and I think that is the key for Russell as well. Ah well, Ann and I will just have to wait another week to see whether she goes then or not....

The weather today was lovely although I was not outside to enjoy it. It has been a pyjama day for me!!! Feeling a little under the weather so decided to stay indoors and laze around instead. Tim finally swung into action and did his room as his friend Chris is visiting tomorrow - yes, its half term this week! He also made some Chocolate Caramel Shortbread which we all know is pretty sweet and tasty. Strange thing though, the white chocolate wouldn't melt properly - no reason I could see for it - so he had to abandon the extra flourish he had thought of for the topping. Just wondering whether there will be any left by the time I get home from work tomorrow? Two lads in the house all day, along? Don't rate my chances that highly!

The weather forecast is for a cold snap to blow over from England in the next few days. Hard to think that winter is on its way; seems like only yesterday it was still summer. But the clocks go back this month, and we are turning our thoughts to Christmas. I even wrapped my first few presents today!!!
I am trying to be ultra-resource conscious this year and using every leftover scrap from my cards to make present labels etc. It is actually quite a nice thing to do - and I am enjoying being far more thrifty than ever before. I have also started on my felt birds and leaves  - not sure what to actually make with them but even if it is not the banner in the book, they will definitely become something else equally charming! The first red bird and first green leaf are already stitched my friends!
Sue xx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Completed cards!!

It was quite a task making so many cards to the same design but they are winging their way to Naarden as I type!! I was happy to have got them done in the timeframe I set myself, so as a reward I have been to the hobby store in Heerhugowaard this morning and invested my payment in some felt and threads so that I can have a go at making some Christmas Presents!! I want to make something out of a wonderful book I have languishing on our bookshelves:

It has so many beautiful felt designs inside and I love the one of the birds and leaves - only I am planning on giving it a colour make-over so that it fits in our house!! Then if that works . . . on with some presents. I am not a confident sewer really - paper is my thing - but even I feel I can tackle some of the lovely projects in this book. I suppose one could also suggest that I am using my creativity to avoid essay writing (I hear you saying it!!) but everything has its own time, and right now, my head is not in the books!! Karen is not here until 12 November so there is still enough space in my planning to get the garden winter-ready; make the Mincemeat for the pies; do the Chocolate Freezer Cake for Christmas;
paint the stairs and landing, and the gorgeous lamp that I got in Zwolle for an exceptionally good price!!!! Having just read the weather prediction for the UK, I am definitely sticking to this order of getting things done!!
Sue xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

ChristmasCards at work

For the past week when I have been at work we have sat together and started on our Christmas Cards for the little shop at the front of our centre. I took along my punches and a few sentiment stamps and black ink and we have been creating as many different cards as possible ever since. The paper is all from ACTION as it is great for punching and extremely cheap, and lovely and shiny which is what our clients love!! So we have got punching out people; buying people; sticking people, packaging people and me!!!
I love seeing how enthusiastic everyone is about helping out with them, and how delighted they are with the results, and it is amazing how many different ideas one can come up with for such a small amount of materials. Enjoy!!!!
Sue xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mammoth card-making week!!

This week I am making 25 Thank You cards for Emma and her new husband so instead of thinking Christmas constantly I am enjoying doing something different. It's actually quite difficult making one design 25 times - well for me, anyway. Usually I do one card, one design, and then do something else with the next one, so this is a concentrated effort on my part to reproduce/clone my original thought so many times!! I took my inspiration from the wedding photo Emma sent me: the colours and her being Scottish an' all. So my cards are the colours of heather as well as the kilt her husband was wearing, and the design vaguely reminiscent of thistles etc. . . well, as far as my imagination goes anyhow!!! I will take a photo when there is better light as it is getting late and I am almost ready for beddibyes. The greatest fear I have is that when I post them off to her, and she opens the envelope, she won't like them!!!!

At work the Christmas card-making continues but this time for our centre's shop. We had so many punched out circles and stars etc over that I have been designing cards using only these products. It was fun!!! They look good and the clients can help with them all so that is what really matters. And when I am not there they now have plenty of ideas to adapt and create even more. I think once I have made my other orders and then our own, I will just about be done with Christmas cards for this year!!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Last week in pictures.

very nice cafe with delicious cappuccino & Carrot Cake!

The Glass angel in Zwolle.

Jackie with the pretty flowers.

Starting work!!! If we can only open the
tub of paste first!!!

Handy, such a tall son, especially up in the
far corners of the staircase!

Looking pretty good, eh?

The Parade in Alkmaar, 8th October.

I took more photos but these give you the feel of our week really. Now it is back to work and knuckling down to the task of writing my professional practice essay. I really need to get it done asap now, so that I can finish my supervision, arrange for my counselling hours and hey presto, time for the exam!!!! . . . . .
Sue xx

Lovely to just sit!!

This past week my friend Jackie has been visiting so that we could decorate the stairs and landing amongst other things, so the awful weather was perfect for staying at home and papering!! Having checked the weather forecast we decided to start off the week with a visit to Zwolle, which was a nice town but I still prefer Deventer if  I am honest. It has a nicer centre especially in the summer months when the terraces are all full. Then she heard that her father was in hospital which threw our plans into disarray for a while since she might have needed to suddenly return home; but fortunately he is better than we first feared, and she was able to stay until this morning. We have been to Alkmaar too, and unbeknown to us it was some sort of festival to celebrate 150 years of freedom after the Spanish Wars?..seems it takes place on 8th October each year, and we happened upon it this time around! Anyway it made it interesting for Jackie too. I did plenty of window shopping and was my usual 'personal shopper' as we went round all the shops together. Another boost for the Dutch economy!! In between we did do the wallpapering even up the steep stairway which was an effort but with Tim's long arms we managed to reach even the highest corners. It looks so much better already even though it is only the paper that requires painting later on. Amazing amount of paste was necessary but fingers crossed it is now stuck firmly down for ever and ever and ever. Probably!!
We four girls also went to see One Day at the cinema. I agree with my daughter that the book is heaps more interesting and makes a lot more sense than the film. Having read it I had the advantage but if you did not know anything about the story it could be difficult piecing it all together properly. Won't tell you about the ending!!! But yes, tissues were handy to have with us.

Since taking Jackie to the station early this morning I have embarked on a much needed autumn clean up in my study. I have done all the administration and filed the lot!! I have cleaned out more scrap stash in order to focus on my card making for Christmas. I have possibly also got an order to make 21 thank you cards for one of my study mates who just got married recently. The designs are running around in my head right now as I think out what might be nice and more importantly re-producable 21 times!!!! I have completed the 700 cards for work so they can go in tomorrow and the clients can make a start on the second batch. I'm not sure I would offer to do it all again but it was good to know I can do it if required, right?

And I got the first comment back about my essay . . . thanks Kiki!!! :-)  Just the important mark to come now . .
Right now  it is just after three in the wet and rainy afternoon and I am thinking happy thoughts about the leftover Chicken and Apple Crumble that we are having later on!! Then its back on the diet folks! A much needed strict regime for a few weeks wouldn't go amiss.
Sue xx

Monday, 3 October 2011


Fabulous, brilliant, spell-binding....the Phantom was everything I had hoped for!!! The phantom was played by a wonderful guy who gave it everything he had and then some! It was so beautifully done, and the close ups of the performers showed every little detail  so the deformity of the phantoms face was incredible to see. How did he cope with that I wonder? Fantastic really. The whole thing moved me to tears  in the end, it was so emotionally charged and he and Christine were genuinely crying as they sang the words...so glad I was able to see it. Cannot praise it enough, so watch out for the DVD that comes out in November!
My 36 hour day attempt continues!!! Still rather behind with what I had planned but hoping to catch up somewhat tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

What a weekend so far!!

If ever there was a weekend when every hour counted, it is this one!! I have SO much to do and a limited amount of time to do it in so I am squeezing this post in because I still have ten minutes to spare before it's 8am and I can start painting in the living room again!! Just waiting for the light, honey!
As I lay there in bed around 6am it occurred to me that by getting up and doing the ironing it would ease the stress on Monday morning when I have now got a day's work instead of a day off, so a pat on the back for me for doing that!! Yesterday I started on the first half of the wall in the living room, because I hate the disruption of a totally messy room, and prefer to do the first half and put everything back before starting again. Especially when it involves the bookcases being emptied!! So I made a start for an hour, got distracted by someone coming round which was far pleasanter of course, did get another rod in the kitchen fitted at the same time, and finally around 1.30pm returned to my painting. I almost succeeded in completing the second coat but the light disappeared and it was not practical to continue. In between all this I made a delicious Plum & Cheesecake Traybake, dinner, washing got hung up etc and my multi-tasking skills were fully tested I can tell you! There was time to collapse in front of Strictly (go Jason!!), do the washing up during Dr. Who (sacrilege Becci, sorry) so that there was sufficient energy left over for the start of Merlin. Phew!!!
And today: ironing, posting, painting, singing in Enkhuizen this afternoon, over to a friend for dinner and then - ta ra!!!!! Phantom this evening- can't wait!!!
Tomorrow will be work and shopping and making beds etc as on Tuesday Jackie arrives - and somewhere in the middle of all this I am supposed to have stripped the paper off the landing . . . . oops, not looking so good for that!!
Sue xx