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Friday, 10 December 2010

Studious weekend ahead

Saturday and Sunday are going to be taken up with my study this weekend so I am preparing for them today. Tomorrow it is the whole group practical day in Amsterdam followed on Sunday by our study group meeting in Den Haag. So two long journeys to make, luckily for me it is going to be a mild weekend weather-wise so I hope to be ok. The coming week looks like bringing more snow with it, so that's not good, especially as I am working and Tim will be at the bakery every day from 4am onwards................
Thursday I am working and at 4pm we have our work Christmas drinks followed at 7.30pm by the last choir practice so that will be a long day I guess. Suddenly the days are rushing by and it will be Christmas before I realise it.
At the moment I am filling in time before the start of the Strictly marathon this weekend as we go into the semi-finals stage. I am hoping Matt, Pamela and Kara get through, so sorry Scott and Gavin, but you are not my favourites!!! It is not on for another hour so it is tough for me staying up so long! Finka is howling very loudly because she is confused by my sitting here instead of next to her and Genghis on the settee - I told you they are creatures of habit!! Well, I am headed back down in a few more minutes so she will stop her caterwauling then I suspect. Sometimes she is like a sheepdog, rounding up her herd!!!
Sue xx

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