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Friday, 17 December 2010

A sleepless night

I am feeling heavy-headed and dull this morning, already a headache starting.......because I did not sleep well last night. The neighbours dog was barking from when I got home until at least 2am this morning and I think I heard every bark! I need lots of sleep - 10 hours preferably - so when I am deprived of it I don't do well! After the day I had yesterday too, I was feeling ready for that deep sleep I talked of...............ah well, onward and upward as they say!
This morning I need to get new tree lights as the ones I bought for this year all blew this week. So taking it apart and starting again is the only choice.
Then I am going to bake my Jewelled Cheesecake to go in the freezer for Christmas. Never made it before so it is going to be interesting. I do so like doing something new! It has snowed, but nothing like in England and Scotland. I am sure it is coming our way.................
Last bit of Christmas present shopping to do today as well. Tim has done his now, so he came along and asked me to make two cards for his girl friends. Good Tim - more time would be nice!! ;-)
But, I can actually now say that I have reached my 10kilo goal this morning, and even gone a little under - hurray!!!
Sue xx

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