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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Reverb 10 is something that takes place annually and consists of daily prompts from 1st to 31st December, encouraging you to think about your year and the coming one and who you are in the great scheme of things. As I sit here waiting for a phone call, today's prompt is to write or create something that says why you are 'beautifully different' and unique............I am joining in reverb 10 this year because of my study and what it means to me. I find it difficult to say stuff about myself, but here goes:
I am different from you because I dream in a semi-awake state and I see and hear and move in my dreams which makes them so real and sometimes unforgettable. Like the one last year when I dreamed about a Siamese kitten in my arms..............
I am different because I am Dyslexic. It is my gift and it offers me such creativity in thought, ideas and thinking that I would be somebody totally different without it. I was never tested as a child, but when my own daughter seemed like she was Dyslexic I discovered I was too........and neither of us have looked back since!
I am different because of the thoughts I have, the feelings and emotions I experience and the love I am capable of giving.
I am different because of the choices I make in my life, the paths untravelled rising up to meet me so unexpectedly at times, yet at others, it is me seeking them out in order to experience something new.
I am different because I am the other half of you.
Sue xx

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