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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Long day

The day I expected to have turned out to be totally different from that!! Not in a bad way, you understand, but I was not prepared for it when I arrived at work this morning. I turned the computer on, looked in the desk diary........and discovered we were having the centre's Christmas Lunch!! Turns out that I was to organise it too!!! Didn't know anything about it beforehand so I was very glad to see our student coming through the door, with a little bit more information about it than I could find anywhere else!! To keep it brief, all went really well and we had a super time, and it even snowed so our Christmas spirit was in good form. At the end of the day we gathered for our staff nibbly bits 'n drinks, which was great - I only drank water!!! - and then I drove home, collected Tim and went to the supermarket. Tim had been into town to buy his Christmas presents with a friend this afternoon, so he was all happy about that. This is the first year that he has done this totally by himself, decided who he wanted to buy for, and what; I am so proud of him.
And in doing so, I got to hear what he feels as well, and that was pretty wonderful to hear. He's growing up just fine.
It is now late for me, but I don't have to work tomorrow so I thought I could risk it, and maybe get a better night's sleep as a result. It is still snowing, and the world has turned white but I think it is not too deep and unless we get more overnight, it is fine for getting around tomorrow. I saw the forecast though............and that is not so good for the weekend but better on Monday!!!!;-)
So now I am going to try and get a very deep sleep for a few hours and give myself over to my dreams.
Sue xx