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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Making a start

We finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy those darn bookcases!!! Being still a quiet week on the roads we headed off for Ikea in Amsterdam this morning, Tim buoyed up by the promise of breakfast there........and me with the thought of buying them at long last! Not that we can fill them yet.......it is just that the room looked so empty now that the tree is down, and the huge gap beside the settee was just asking to be filled.....................
I don't really need to make excuses. I have talked about buying them ever since we moved in here, and now I have. But not quite.......because I think that to make the effect around the door that we are after I need to buy the extensions for the tops, as the height of the door frame is not the same as that of the bookcases. Tim has put the CD/DVD case together and the cupboard but I am not entirely satisfied yet. It gaps, and I don't like that! I guess once they are fixed to the wall for balance and safety, it will be ok, but until then it is annoying. And I finally bought a light for the loo and a shelf, as well as a frame for my red poster in the kitchen. Now I just need to find those sticky black letters.....
We have also got Finka some tranquilisers for New Year. She is going to be terrified by the fireworks as she is a timid girl at the best of times, so we are thinking ahead, and going to sedate her. I am worried that if we don't she will be so scared for a long time afterwards as well, and that will set her back in her little life and we don't want that to happen. She is so lovely and sweet but only really happy with the three of us, and everybody else she pretty much keeps away from most of the time. She is ok with some friends, but she is not keen on loud, deep voices so men are not her thing!!! Genghis is fine with the fireworks, not keen on them but he is used to it and just cuddles up to me and tries to sleep through it all.
So this is how my day is going; what about yours? I always think this is a 'something 'n nothing' week between Christmas and New Year, and I prefer to get to next week when school and all the normal stuff starts up again.  I miss my morning and afternoon routine so much!!!
Sue xx


Yudith said...

Suzanne Feliz año nuevo 2011! Que Dios les bendiga grandemente y que este nuevo año nos traiga mucha salud, paz, alegrias! Besos

Suzanne said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year as well, Yudith, and all the best for the coming year.
Suzanne x