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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Ineke sent me this beautiful digi-scrap. She's so good!!!
I've woken up to mist and drizzle and cold so no sign of spring here today! Just starting my day off with messages and texts from friends etc and considering getting up and packing the suitcase!! Looking forward to a lovely day ahead.
Sue xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

Birthday Tea

was lovely yesterday, thanks. I do so enjoy having friends come together for an occasion even though it is a bit of work preparing for it. I of course made too many things, but hey, we can eat off the leftovers for several days to come! I did hand out doggy bags too! Some things were not even touched so I have no need to worry about desserts tomorrow as they are already made and ready to go!
Lovely presents too so thank you very much for those. It's my birthday tomorrow actually so just one more youthful day before skipping into another pair of numbers..........

This morning was once again a disaster as regards Sooty. Tim and I had got Finka into her basket to go to the vets - turned the key in the car and no power. Nothing! The battery was dead. I cannot believe that this can happen twice on consecutive Mondays with a cat and an appointment at the vets!!!Luckily for us our neighbour across the road was home and had jump leads so we got going fairly quickly, but my worry now is that I am going to have to buy a new battery if I want to have a car that runs when I get home from Deal! Surely I have had enough problems to last several years already???? I really don't need any more, if you are listening up there.
Sue xx

Saturday, 25 February 2012


has started for my birthday tea tomorrow!! Tim has made fantastic Choux Buns which we have to add cream and chocolate icing to tomorrow morning, and a whole kitchen full of delicious Cheese Butterflies (kaasvlinders) at school yesterday. They are incredibly more-ish I warn you!!! I have done the Hummingbird cake layers; made the Sharp Lemon Cheesecake and the Chocolate Caramel Shortbread this morning, as well as the Florentines. I am saving all the savouries until tomorrow morning. I am enjoying taking my time and going about things in a very calm and orderly fashion!!! So far, so good.

Its a bit chilly today but the sun is glorious and its bright and inviting outside. I went to the supermarket on the bike this morning and it was lovely. Not a strenuous ride  - just really around the block - but it was exercise, ok?! I've got a bit of a tummy ache today so not wanting to eat which is probably a good thing as tomorrow it will be hard to resist trying a little of everything. If all our guests do that, I will be satisfied.
The cycling was meant to wear me out a little as I have had a whole week of disturbed sleep, or rather lying in bed staring at the ceiling for hours on end. It happens when my mind is working overtime and there is too much happening to process during the day I guess, plus I am a head-planner (not head-banger!) in as much as I do think things through a lot before it comes to carrying them out. Along with my love of lists, it helps me to feel organised and calm. So in the spirit of keeping on top of things I suppose I ought to start the ironing!!!
Sue xx

Friday, 24 February 2012


is struggling to cope without Genghis, especially when it comes to sleeping in her bed. She has always sat on top of Genghis or wrapped her paws around him getting as close as possible to him. Now she has too much room and it feels odd for her. She has been sleeping cuddled up to me on the settee when I am down in the living room and I have been spending more time there for her this week. I tried putting a teddy in her bed but she thought that was too strange. Yesterday I came up with the idea of putting her red blanket in the bed so that she could cuddle up to something warm. Oh yes, that pleased madam!! She promptly wriggled her way under the blanket and went to sleep under the layers of soft wool. And there she stayed!!
I think she feels safe under it, and given that she always hides under blanket or bedding  whenever she has the opportunity, I think this is going to help her settle. During the night she does seem to have been under the rug on the settee as well, but that's fine. So long as she is happy.
Sue xx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stretching the pantry stock to its limits!!

Always good to double check what is in the pantry before taking to the shops!! Then its time to list the stuff you want to bake and combine as many things with the ingredients you already have and be frugally sensible about what you actually need to buy. So I have done that, almost, just one or two more things to buy from the market this morning, then tomorrow and Saturday it will be baking, baking, baking!!
So what is on my menu?

Cheese & Chive Mini Scones
Cheese & Bacon Flan Squares
Cheese Biscuits
Salmon & Cream Cheese Pinwheels
Cheese Flinders
Sausage Rolls
Nibbly Bits!

Strawberry Cream Mini Mont Blancs
Mini Chocolate Choux Buns
Chocolate Caramel Shortbread
Sharp Lemon Cheesecake
Hummingbird Cake
Scones with homemade Lemon Curd
Orange & Cinnamon Biscuits

Whether it all comes to fruition is another matter entirely . . . . so handy living with a patisserie chef! But also so critical of my methods of baking these days. My tried and tested methods learnt at school or over the years are NOT the same as how he does things in the bakery. I hand rolled the sausage roll fillings yesterday; no, I should have piped it out in a neat line down the pastry. I used egg to seal; ought to have used water. I rolled the filling in a little flour to prevent it sticking; no, that is going to mean that it doesn't stick to the pastry! And so on.......................but he did still eat one or two of them!!! Well, we can both learn from one another, right? And sharing the tasks between us has got to be a real time saver. That is my belief this morning so I feel relaxed and happy to think about stringing up the bunting over the table!!!
Won't be doing any of this if I don't now get up and off to the market on time!
Sue xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Other stuff

that has been happening this week - my car broke. I'd driven to Schiphol and back on Saturday evening with no problems that I was aware of but when we were leaving to take poor Genghis, and got into the car, there was a horrendous grinding noise going on at the front of the car. It was impossible to drive Sooty so we had to ask our neighbour to take us instead (thanks for that!) and yesterday I called the ANWB in for a diagnosis. Transpired that my front shock absorber was shot to pieces and the spring had collapsed. Several expletives later and poor Sooty was towed off to the garage for repair.  I have to say Ford did a splendid job, but my already non-existent bank balance took yet another severe plunge downwards so are we happy????! Since a car is indispensable one has no choice but to get the job done, but it is never a welcome expense. "Least said soonest mended" so suffice to say we are mobile again and keeping everything crossed that it remains that way.

Did you enjoy Pancakes last night like me and Tim? I was really pleased with them this year as I think I got my recipe right finally. I like using two eggs as I think it makes a better batter but I suppose most people have their own preferences after years of making them. We keep it simple with lemon juice and sugar and golden syrup (Tim). Yum.
Sue xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thank you

for all the lovely comments we have been receiving for Genghis. It means a lot to know you were all keeping him and us in your thoughts, thank you. It was very difficult, as we expected, but Genghis was
brave and he really just went to sleep in my arms. Finka is finding it very difficult and has been howling around the house as she searches for her friend. It is so sad to see her missing him so much. The vet was lovely and we received a lovely poem from them as we left for home. Somehow it still feels as though he is here, so I think it will take us a while to really come to terms with not seeing him around.
Sue xx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Genghis Khan.

Our lovely, lovely Genghis Khan.
I'm writing this post now as I know that tomorrow it will be impossible. With a  very heavy heart we are going to have to say goodbye to this dearest of all creatures. He really is too poorly now to carry on so the kindest way we can repay his 15 years of loving devotion to us is by showing him the same kindness in return even though our hearts are breaking.
So let me tell you a little about his life with us.
In 1997 we decided we'd like a Siamese cat to join our household. We found a breeder not too far from where we were living in Maltby, Yorkshire, and went off to see the kittens. There were just two left. We sat in the room with the two little boy kittens and the owner told us that we couldn't choose one - one would choose us. He said that if a Siamese doesn't like you then he or she will never be your friend. Well, this one little creamy white kitten with a stripey tail decided he liked us. Despite his father, Sher Khan being a top champion cat, this smaller version was totally imperfect as a show cat. His legs are too short, his ears are too small, his eyes are completely crossed and there is nothing showy about him at all!
On the way home we started thinking about names, and eventually I came up with Genghis Khan. It seemed to suit him perfectly. Our love affair with him began immediately, and he seemed to feel the same about us.
In 2000 we moved to The Netherlands bringing Genghis over on the ferry. He seemed ok about moving and in the course of the past 12 years he has done it 4 times. Each time I gave him a little pep talk about how he was very much loved by us so it would be extremely silly to run off and get lost, and not be found again. He never once got lost or even tried to leave us. He did get shut in a shed for a few days when we lived in Zoetermeer and it was a terrible time for us. We circulated flyers to all the houses with his picture asking people to check their sheds etc because it was an extremely hot summer and everybody was outdoors all day long. Suddenly he re-appeared and that was the only time he was away from home.
Whilst we were living in Zoetermeer we bought a second cat as a friend for Genghis and to brighten up his days as he got older. Enter Xander, or rather Alexander The Great. Genghis was extremely annoyed with us for introducing this usurper but after a while they became inseparable for 8 years. Sadly Xander had a tumour and suddenly had to go to sleep two years ago on New Years Eve.
Genghis was distraught at the loss of his pal, and pined for him so badly that we decided to look for another cat to keep him company. In the beginning of 2010 Finka came along and it was so obviously the right thing to do as Genghis cheered up almost immediately. He has tolerated her youthful antics well and been her constant companion and champion ever since. Roles will be reversed this time without a doubt.
A life only full of love is not a bad thing to have known, and there are so many pets and animals who never get to be so lucky, so I can honestly say that our mutual love affair with our beloved Genghis has been rewarding and brilliant every single day of his life. I cannot imagine tomorrow, I can only make sure that we give him the most comfortable and loving attention until then.
Sue xx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Home again!

Tim arrives home this evening so just getting the last things done at home before setting off to meet him.
The three weeks have passed so quickly and we are so happy he has enjoyed a great time there. A jolly good experience for him in many ways I'm sure. I will be cooking us a nice dinner tomorrow to welcome him home - on the menu one of our favourite puddings; blackberry and apple crumble! I was sure I still had some blackberries in the freezer so just got to make it now. And Chicken - can't beat some Chicken!!
Once he has been home for a week it will be my turn to go away for a week! Just over to England to stay with my sister and mother and see them. And in between it'll be my birthday so I know the days will simply fly by. But more about that another day.
The snow has all disappeared here and it is warmer and wetter, but it sounds as though winter is not finished with us yet. Just hope it stays away til I am home again!
Not an exciting or very interesting post but I suppose you could say I have other things on my mind and my mood is not really that chatty.
Have a good weekend.
Sue xx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Three more days

before Tim gets home! I suppose I am really looking forward to seeing him again although the time has passed very quickly for us all. I've started telling Finka her friend will be back soon to play with her!!
Funny how things can change in the space of 24 hours, isn't it? Just goes to prove that all we really have is the present moment, and nothing more. I've promised myself that I will finish cleaning his bedroom this morning but not until I have enjoyed a huge mug of skinny latte!! It is almost done but that last stretch with the broom under his bed still needs doing - and the dusting of bookshelves etc, oh boy. It makes me sneeze!
I haven't slept too well yet this week so feeling rather sluggish right now, and am telling myself it is only just after 9am so there is plenty of time yet!

I sometimes watch 'Dinner Date' if I am in the mood, on Net 5. I enjoy people watching more than the menus but sometimes you see something you would like to cook or bake yourself. And it is interesting which puddings or starters or mains are the most favourite choices amongst us Brits. Scallops pop up practically every week as a starter, cooked one way or another, and I have never even tasted one ( yet!)
I know some of my family really do love them, but they are the fish lovers amongst us. Popular desserts are Eton Mess (crushed meringues with strawbs and cream) and cheesecakes and chocolate souffles or pots. I blame Masterchef for this surge in scallops and meringues! Almost every contestant produces one of these recipes at some stage in their competition, so are we being sub-consciously steered towards cooking like John and Greg?!! Or is a good thing that we are simply being made aware of these foods and encouraged to try our hand at cooking them? At the moment we are contemplating the menu for my birthday dinner. It's just for us three so we are all trying to choose our favourite dishes but still playing to our strengths when it comes to the actual cooking. It's a sort of given that I will make the dessert!!! And I am known for being a not so good meat eater as in "I only like Chicken or Turkey" so that narrows the choice down rather. No dinner date could tempt me with a steak!!!!! Still two weeks to make a final decision but its fun browsing the many cookery books we possess in the meantime . . . .
What would you choose for a special three course dinner I wonder?
Sue xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A terrible week so far

I'm afraid to say. I heard yesterday that someone I've known all my life and last saw one year ago, died on Sunday. Such a tragedy for his young family and so quickly. The last time we met he was getting all dressed up for a fancy dress party, which he and his wife were going to, and we helped with their make-up and clothes etc and my daughter looked after his small children, keeping them entertained etc. And now in such a short space of time, he has left us. So rest in peace, Pete. Our thoughts are with your whole family.

I have made an appointment for the cats on Monday, at our vets. I think it is time that Genghis was looked at and a decision made. A prospect that makes me cry every day, and feel so very sad, but we have to do what is in his best interest at the end of the day. He comes to sit on my lap every night, and he weighs less than a feather. His weight loss is dramatic now, and although he seems ok in himself, I think it must be taking its toll on him by now. He is such a dear and beloved old friend, and I cannot bear it. It is making everything else sad too. I am waiting for Tim to come home as this is something we all have to decide together as a family.

I know it is Valentine's Day and I wish everyone love and peace and all the happiness they can find.
True love never dies. Trust me on this one!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012


very cold. It's been trying to snow a little this morning but nothing more since then. I spoke with Tim early doors too and he is off to Ikea today! Well, I suppose one would if one was in Sweden.......he cannot resist their meatballs!! He seems to be making more of his time there now and going into town etc and actually finding out that it is quite a nice place! He said he is glad he chose to go there but wished more of his classmates had also wanted to do it so that they were with more people. Anyway just 6 more days and he will be home. It has gone quickly I think.
Braving the cold today and going to do more wallpaper stripping. Has to be done! I have got the rad on in there as otherwise it would be purgatory! I've just been downloading some new music onto the computer and making some CD's. I don't think I can bear Steve Wright this morning as it will be all the Valentine's Lovesongs and messages, and I don't feel like listening today. So it will be something more stirring I guess!
Jackie sent me the whole of series 2 Downton Abbey plus Christmas Special and for the last two days I have been glued to the computer watching them all. Wonderful. I really enjoyed my fest!!!
So, stirring music on; wallpaper here I come!!
Sue xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Tax return time

Not something I find easy to do, but on the same theme of necessity, it is unavoidable and February is usually the time to get everything in order! So that is what I have been doing this morning. I've made my appointment with the guy who does it all for me, and I am going to be praying really hard that THIS year I don't have to pay anything back!!!! Last year was a disaster - I ended up paying an enormous sum to the taxman which was financial suicide for us. Seemed unfair too, but maybe this year it will be the other way round? Wouldn't that be cool?! I am quite good at keeping everything in order and filing stuff these days, which is a major advance for me as I used to be hopeless at it, so it is just a matter of collecting all the bits and pieces that are of influence in tax terms, and making sure he can do his utmost to work some magic for me this year. Fingers crossed please!

Now its back to the Friday chores before my fingers seize up from cold despite having my rad on in my snug! It's so much less me being here on my own, Tim!!! :-)
Sue xx

So true................

the daily quote that "Nothing has more strength than dire necessity". Euripides is so true. By necessity I live a frugal life. By necessity I part with things that are really precious to me but need to be sacrificed for our good. By necessity I give up doing things I love. And so on. However, living with dire necessity makes you realise that you can do it. Its all about acceptance.
I happened to read my horoscope in the local paper at work yesterday and it was all about how my struggle with work and trying to find some would come to an end and that it would be such a relief for me..........unfortunately it didn't give me a timeframe!!! And I do know that I constantly hold myself in all the time, analysing what we need and what we want and differentiating between the two. I have forgotten what it feels like to just buy what we want without worrying about it.
I suppose I am saying all this because yesterday someone at work made a comment to me that was in really bad taste given our circumstances. I did not appreciate the 'humour', shall we say? Usually I take it all in my stride and I never retort back and show how I really feel about it, but yesterday I did. Felt sort of good!!!!
Sue xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Still as cold

here this morning but the wind is making it feel harsh out there. So I am drinking a huge skinny latte before venturing out in the cold. I have an appointment with a job agency so wondering whether that might lead to something for me............ Yesterday I talked with a manager within our organisation and she was lovely. I really appreciated her style and openness and what she is trying to achieve with her team, and although there are no current vacancies I hope getting to know me was worthwhile for us both. Maybe in a few months there might be some shuffling around in her teams so you never know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes.
Poor old Genghis seems to be losing weight again despite eating and drinking ok. He is not showing signs of misery or pain or any changes in his behaviour so I think it is just a slow decline into old age. Once Tim is home we will take them both to the vets and see what she thinks. I am loving that he comes to sit on my knee each evening, even though for once in his life he is as light as a feather! Finka looks positively chunky by comparison!!!!!
Well, almost time to get ready and go. Wish me luck!
Sue xx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A must see for the spring!

Becci mentioned she wants to go and see this new movie and recommended I watch the trailer; I recommend you do too!! It is brilliant! The cast is impeccable. The humour totally English. The story fantastic. The scenery outstanding. And the story is touching and emotional. Wow. Can't wait!! I will be queuing up at the door! I'll definitely be asking Ann if she will see it with me!

I want to see War Horse but I simply know that I will be in floods of tears from the moment the music starts to when I leave my seat for home. Best wait for that one to come out on DVD so I can be looked after whilst I cry...............

It was-12C this morning and supposedly the coldest day of the week. I hope so because it is freezing! My hands are red when I wake up and I am showering in as hot water as I can bear!! Brr....roll on spring. Still, better be cold and snowy now so that it is all gone for my birthday. I hate it when people can't get here due to the weather! In Yorkshire one year it was so bad it was over the cars and piled up so deep by the back door I couldn't even get out without neighbours shovelling away the snow first. Those were the days................

My diet is going well. I seem to be able to forget about food this week but perhaps that is nervous energy and not a lack of interest. I have two appointments to do with work, starting this afternoon, and although I believe in myself, I have little faith that it will result in something changing in my work situation, that makes everything suddenly much better. So far I only have one days work this month, and that's not enough to live on really. Ah well, sure to be someone worse off than me somewhere, right?
Oddly enough in the film trailer the lad says that there is an Indian saying, which just happens to be my personal mantra too!!! " Everything will be alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end." I need to believe that one!!!
Sue xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

The weekend

We watched this film on Friday and still love this particular piece being performed by Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Goosebumps!!!

I also watched Bomber Boys last night on BBC 1 which was excellent. Listening to Chris Evans talking about it this morning, I know I am not alone in thinking that this was the BBC at its finest. Ewan McGregor and his brother, an ex- Airforce pilot and now commercial pilot were taking a look at Bomber Command and how it turned the events of the Second World War by winning it in the air. They talked with survivors of the bombing raids as well as visiting cities here and in Germany that were devastated by the area and later target bombing raids. Footage from the war was moving to say the least, but the 'star' of the   programme was the Lancaster Bomber - the last remaining one in Great Britain and one of two in the whole world. Ewan's brother was going to fly her and this was at the end of a memorable 90 minutes of fantastic television. I'm glad I made the effort to stay awake long enough to watch it. Perhaps it will be repeated...................

This morning I think it is time I started on the wallpaper, one wall at a time! I feel angry inside and not in a good mood for one reason or another so I think it is perfect for attacking a wall!!! Don't you?
Sue xx


ascended the throne this day 60 years ago. It is her Diamond Jubilee today. Long may she reign over us, God save our Queen.
Sue xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012


No more snow as yet but pretty darn cold!! I want to take the car out today just to make sure the battery is fine and everything works as I have several trips to make this week.  I decided it was better not to go out last night as I am not a good driver in the dark, and the roads are not all that clean yet. So I stayed indoors apart from a walk around the block etc in the morning. The sun is out and there was no hard frost but still the snow has not melted by a fraction. We have more here than where Tim is in Sweden - and he says it is colder!! I've been amazed by some of the beautiful photos online of frozen waterfalls in The Lake District where I think my friend Jackie and her husband were going to yesterday for a weeks holiday. I am sure Trevor will take some super photos as he is heavily into photography. And with the stunning scenery there what could go amiss?

Here there are skaters finally out on the frozen sloots around the villages and everyone is able to enjoy the sport. I've never been any good at it which is a real shame as I would have loved to try ice dancing! I suppose I am of an age to have been inspired by Torvill & Dean and all they achieved, but it has moved on another level since their prime. It's great that shows on TV are stimulating a revival in popularity of ice skating and dancing; they are fantastic sports or hobbies and interests for young and old alike.
Talking of supporting and encouraging youngsters, Radio2 has just launched its 500 words short story competition for young children which was such a success last year. I love children's books. I love standing in a good bookstore browsing through them and if they make me giggle, then that is all good. My daughter found herself doing exactly the same the other day and I couldn't have been more proud. Despite her Dyslexia, I have never known anyone devour a book as fast as Becci can! She has an amazing memory for everything she reads and she is not afraid to tackle even the more difficult and complex books around. Ok, we may substitute 'rhubarb' for any words we cannot pronounce properly, but the gist of it is never lost. I bought so many for her when she was young, and we read them over and over again - some until they finally fell apart! Her favourite was " If I had a sheep" and Tim had the boys equivalent later on as well. I'm sure there are so many more new writers and books since they were young, so I am looking forward to one day getting to read all those as well. Keep our bookstores open and supported otherwise we will lose this precious commodity for ever. And when you can't go outside because you are poorly or the weather prevents you or you are down in the dumps or you are just wanting to escape a little reality for a while, there is no better friend than a GOOD BOOK.
Sue xx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

A tad colder

this morning; -19C at 6.45am. Reason enough to stay in bed!! It does look beautiful this morning with a beautiful sunrise and sky and all the snow from yesterday frozen where it was  shovelled yesterday in the back garden. Tractors and gritters were going back and forth on our village roads last night which is wonderful. I think it must be local people who undertake to do it as where I lived before it never happened.
If I don't need to go anywhere in the car probably best to only walk to the corner shop and then stay warm as toast indoors today.
Ok, my fingers are cold again - time for a warming mug of coffee!
Diet going well - 2kilos off in 6 days.
Take care what ever you are doing today.
Sue xx

Friday, 3 February 2012

First real snow of the winter!

Back garden this afternoon.

The front.

After sweeping a path from the kitchen to the shed!

This is how much fell!!!
So I woke up to a white world this morning as the forecasted snow hit north holland running! We were told to expect it and it didn't disappoint! It is incredibly powdery stuff though so shovelling up was easy actually. I did it with my broom! I must thank our lovely neighbour Hans from the end house who gallantly went out and cleared all along our pavement AND all our front paths which is so appreciated by us. I did it later on when I went out to put grit on our front path as it is everyones responsibility for the safety of anyone using it. Don't want any accidents do we?! Finka is fascinated and sits on the window sill sneaking a look outside from under the blind. She didn't like it when the tractors and the gritters went by however, though they too are most welcome as our roads are all clear now. It looks so pretty but it caused havoc for the country today as rail and road became utter chaos. So many accidents on the roads, I was glad I have nowhere to be and nowhere was more perfect than at home.

It is 15 years today since my dad passed away. I always remember it quietly, and it never seems possible that it was so long ago. Never forgotten, dad.
Sue xx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Already February?!

I suppose it is! And an extra day this year means my birthday doesn't fall on the last day for a change. I wasn't born in Leap Year so I genuinely am a 28th birthday girl. I always look forward to my birthday as an opportunity to invite friends here and enjoy everyone's company all at the same time! Not having any family over here I do not have to follow the typical day that many Dutch households take on board. It doesn't make any sense to me really, and not having grown up here, the traditions and greetings remain an anathema I'm afraid. Though what I really believe is that one should do what makes one the most happy so everything goes!
We are doing two things this year. Firstly we are cooking dinner together as a family one evening, and then I am hosting a High Tea Party on Sunday 26th February. Which is why I am starting the baking now!
So far I have made some gorgeous coffee meringue whirls and some plain ones that I plan to dip in chocolate and fill with a strawberry cream, and just now, the cheese and chives savoury scones. Delicious!!
I am keeping everything to a mini size so that it is dainty morsels rather than great chunks of cake etc and people can have a munch on everything I hope. The kitchen smells so good right now that I have come out of it so I can resist temptation!!!

Finka is behaving very naughtily at the moment. I think she is missing her playtime with Tim as she charges around the sitting room springing effortlessly over chairs and tables, plants and photo frames and landing anywhere and everywhere. She flings mousey in the air and brings him for me to throw again and again. She is chewing the blind rope so I have had to tie it up out of her reach. Genghis is appalled by her behaviour! He gives her the odd bat if she starts to attack him: she leans out of their hangmat on the radiator and stretches her front paw out towards him like a snake, and then strikes when he is not looking her way! It gives her immense pleasure I suspect. The poor boy has resorted to sitting on my lap as the evening wears on in order to protect himself. She will be glad to have Tim back to play with her.
Sue xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

First photos from Sweden!

Tim's house is the one on the left side of the photo.

Their kitchen.

Sitting/dining room.

His room.

At the bakery!

TIm posted these photos yesterday on facebook which I am really pleased about. It's always good to have a picture of where he is and what it all looks like etc. We haven't spoken on skype as yet, but that's ok now I have seen these and know he is fine. Apparently it is baking bread that he will be doing which is different from what he usually does here, as he prefers the cakes etc, but these are skills he will always be able to use - I hope he learns how to make brioche for my high tea!!! Who thinks he looks a little like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets on the AH advert?!!!!!! Must be the hat, right?! He seems happy with everything so far and that is positive. The time will fly I am sure, and at the moment I am enjoying my alone time quite nicely thanks. I am tackling his room a little day by day. He won't recognise the state of it when he returns - it will be CLEAN!!!! Now I know where he loses his socks............and the extra washing has to be done which means going into the freezing cold of our attic at regular intervals - brrr!
Speaking of his room................its that or making mini meringues for the freezer........tough choice!!
Sue xx