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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Busy bee

This morning I ventured out in the cold to do some necessary shopping. The weathermen promise sunshine today and every now and then we get some! It is icy still and the traffic this morning was apparently horrendous, but at 4am when Tim cycled to work there was no extra new snow here. It keeps sprinkling a tiny amount with a cloud burst every so often but nothing significant at all. I finally posted my Christmas Cards to England and here so that is another job ticked off. And I bought the Harveys; can't get through the cooking without a glass of that in my hand!! Do you like lists? I do, thrive on them! And since I now have 4 unexpected days of work before Christmas, I am going to have to condense them down into less days. At this time of year my head can be quite sieve-like to put it mildly. Only the few parcels to get off tomorrow and I can sit back and relax regarding the post. I am still making cards for my new neighbours just to say hello, here we are, and hope you are enjoying a good Christmas etc.

I smell nice! I needed some toiletries so used the opportunity to 'test' some perfume in the shop. I have 2 favourites and it was actually great that one was sold out as the other one I have not had for about 18 months or more. Yes, I am still without perfume in the house, which is miserable but I am holding out as long as possible. So sitting here I can smell the vegetable soup wafting up the stairs as I am making some for lunch, and round about my neck and wrists I can smell pure poison!!!! Great combo right?!!

I had a lovely afternoon reading yesterday. I have got 4 books on the go, and another one to start..............
it is challenging swopping from one to the other but I am ok with that.

Listening to Ken Bruce right now, and what a lovely change it is to be hearing fresh, new Christmas songs. Annie Lennox, Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers - all great performers who have produced some super songs this year. I am a fan of Sky Radio usually, but this is a great change and I am preferring it right now.
And on that note, my soup is peeping on the hob so time for lunch!
Sue xx

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