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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday morning

The snow looks like it has melted rather overnight and the pathways I swept in the garden are totally free from snow now. Whether there has been any black ice overnight remains to be seen - I hope not!
Yesterday my friend went to Amsterdam to the English shop there to stock up on our Christmas goodies, but she was told about another larger store in Amstelveen and having just looked it up, I think that one is definitely worth a visit Ann!!! I even saw they have my beloved Tesco's products!!!! ;-) If this is as good as it looks, then I think I will have to learn the route to here, and 'shop til I drop' with Tim!!! He will be so happy to find his chocolates can be bought 'just down the road'!!! Hence my desire to be rid of the inconvenience of snow..................fortunately Ann did some shopping for us in the other shop so I know we are ok for Christmas, but there MUST be double cream in that shop, surely?!!!!!!
I have a headache this morning that has been there since yesterday evening. I wish it would go...........
it hurts my eyes rather.

But what did I see on TV last night? OMG! It was Andre...............THE FILM..........the one I took Becci to see in Meadowhall when she was little, having been assured by her that it was a comedy. NOT!
We were in the huge cinema in Meadowhall, and when it was time to walk back to the car, mummy was in floods of tears, hugely embarrassed, and sobbing loudly as we walked past all the shoppers. I have not seen it since, but simply couldn't resist watching it once I knew it was on. It has all the ingredients necessary to reduce me to a sniffling wreck: a small girl; a seal; emotional music; drama; separation; scenery...........and the fact that it is a true story makes it complete. I am not blaming my headache on this though!!! I love the film, but it is not good to watch it on your own. No-one to hand me the hanky in my hour of need.............
Sue xx

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