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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Drat, drat and double drat!!!!

It has snowed heavily in Sheffield and the rest of Yorkshire today. My friend sent me a text informing me the snow was up to her knees!!! Worse snow she had ever seen, no trains, no cars, no getting out of the house at all. My airport is currently closed until 10am tomorrow morning so my guess is that this will be extended - if it is ok, then I will go, but if Jackie says she can't get out to meet me then I would be able to move my flight if Easyjet have cancelled it, free of charge, so that would be my choice. The one problem is that the airport is closed until 10am UK time and I need to leave here at 11.20am, so only 20 minutes after the airport might have opened.......my optimism is good but I have not packed my suitcase as yet so I think I can guess what the probable situation is going to be. I will take a look at the news and weather later on this evening. Keep everything crossed for me please as the weather looks better over the weekend so we either need a cancellation + refund or re-scheduling, or to go.
Sue xx

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