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Friday, 23 May 2008

Sara's plaits!!

Looking through the fence I could see Lily plaiting Sara's hair the other day. She wanted 5 plaits and then all of them put up and finished with a couple of hats on pins!!!! I used black cardstock back to front, so the smooth side upwards; some of the swirls from the AMM kit, a sheet of pink flowery paper as background, various flowers and buttons and ribbons etc. I used this stamp from Heidi Swapp, then cut it out along another line that I made myself and I think it worked really well!! The frame is one from My Minds Eye, another product I re-discovered when I had my tidy up!!!

about that 'untravelled path'....

Whilst I was at work yesterday, I got a telephone call from a colleaque who asked me whether I would be interested in taking on her wednesdays when she reduces her hours next month?!!!! That is something that I would really like to do so I have accepted...but what it actually involves I am not sure! I know that it is in Anna Pauwlona and has to do with our clients and plants!!! So a bit of horticulture I guess. Anyway, I am going to see what it involves and take it from there. Super!! That would be regular money per week and that is what I want without having to work full-time the whole year round. And Wednesdays are ok - middle of the week, no other work to do, sort of fits in nicely I think!! I'll let you know how I go! Today I am braving it and going to a new hairdresser.....a bit scary as I hate having my hair cut anyway, but I need no mistakes as it is in preparation for my friends 50th on 6th June! No time to grow it again if she chops it all off!! ( and that has happened to me before!) It has taken me ages to grow it to this length, but I have naturally curly hair which for some reason hairdressers seem to find a problem. It does its own thing, whether I like it or not, but a good cutter can do it very well I believe. If she does it well, I want to get it coloured before the 6th: well, this is my best friend we are talking about and we've known each other since we were ten, so it is worth making the effort I feel!! Can't give him room to make any comments................ and my diet is taking shape again!! Finally after two months of nothing, I think the weight will start to go off again. I am re-motivated and hope to get a few more kilos off before the 6th. My friend Jackie is coming over on the 16th June and she lost an incredible amount of weight a couple of years ago, which was unbelievable. It was not a diet I'd recommend as it was a very weird one, but it worked for her and more power to her elbow for sticking to it! But it is creeping ever closer to february 28th 2009...and my 50th birthday, so I have to keep going! Perfect day for the washing so going to do that now.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mental block

Why do I seem to have a mental block about making a transparent album?!! It can't be SO difficult and I have got to do one or two new things to inspire me...but I struggle to get started on the see-thru stuff! I have got the photos from the day out in Amsterdam onto the paper in the album but now it is time to embellish it etc and I have put it back into my cupboard for another day! I am going to do this, I am going to do this...my mantra for this week! Break that duck!

Genghis in the flower bed layout

I am happy with this very colourful and summery layout of Genghis! And I got to use all my flowers and leaves which was great! I've included two close-ups so that you can see the detailing in the flowers with the ribbon twisted through them and the pins etc I used. It is a simple LO but appropriate for the photo I think.

sunny morning

It is bright and sunny here this morning and even Tim is up on time!!! Miracles do happen! Peter is soundly asleep. He went to Danielle last night for his ear candle thingy and to have his back done...not sure how to describe this: Danielle is a spiritual aura reader amongst other things and she has 'removed the swords from a previous life' out of his back and all his muscles have relaxed and he is sleeping like a baby! This is the second time she has worked on his back, and when he went for his regular massage later on, even Eduoud was amazed at the different. I can't explain it, but Peter is convinced that this is what she has been able to do and he is delighted. No pain, what a relief that must be for him. This morning I am taking Sara to school and then going for a blood prick. No big thing but I always hate them!! Then I hope to start again on trimming the buxus..less wind today so it is better for me as I have to do it all by hand as it were. I cannot lift the heavy hedge trimmer we have. It is too back-breaking and with my painful shoulder impossible to do. So it takes ages....and I am not looking forward to it but it has to be done. Then maybe we can sort out the middle bits together since they are terrible. When it is the front garden it looks so awful when it is neglected, and although we have still not made a decision about what we want there, it is our job to tidy it up at the very least. Since Becci and Roy are coming next week, it is the spur I need to do it!! I did 2 layouts yesterday to my amazement!!!! When the light is better I will take the piccies of them. I have done one for Hillies pedicure room, and the other is of Genghis in the garden. Finally bought some decent thick photopaper yesterday! Got new ink in the printer and voila - more photos to scrap!! I am quite happy with results though not 100%; being pernickety I suppose....a perfectionist!! I want to try something different but don't know what...searching blogs etc for ideas at the moment. I am surprised at how many other scrappers seem to be in a similar dip at the moment. It was interesting reading this in their blogs and it made me feel a little better at having the same feeling. But I think it is ok again - I am looking forward to working next week as I am going to try and make cards with the clients at the day centre, using my tools and adapting them to their abilities. I think the spin and splash will come into its own!! When I am there this week I will get some of their paper and envelopes to try and make some examples at home, and then we can get started next Tuesday. They have a little shop where they can sell what they have made, so they already do lots of cards so I have an idea of what is possible already. Fun!!! On the Nancy front...I think that Jodie is the stereotypical Nancy for the British nation. Having seen the original version of the musical many years ago, it is hard to imagine anyone else playing the part, and all the main characters who portrayed the leading roles back then, are firmly fixed in our minds I guess. The west enders are a race apart, and it is set there, and to deviate too far from that atmosphere would be a shame. I am so keen to hear who will be playing Bill Skyes and Fagin! Remember when the Phantom first came to the stage and 'Oh, Betty" ( Some mothers do have them) was the phantom? No-one even knew he could sing like that, and it was pure luck he got the role. He was having singing lessons apparently and Andrew heard the voice and wanted to know who it was. I think he was just as surprised as the rest of us, but what a fantastic phantom he was!!!!! I am the same about operas, much preferring the original ones to modern versions. I like all that old-fashioned stuff!!! I think Jodie will win this role, although I think Samantha is extremely good as well. Thanks for all the votes I received ladies! It is a tight race to the finish as usual. Ann and I will be watching this Saturday night!! My over-riding feeling is that once again there has been such huge talent in this competition, and all the girls have been terrific. Knowing that we have this future ahead of us in musical theatre must be a huge comfort to Andrew and others like Cameron. And certainly to everyone who just loves musicals!!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

well, it had to happen..

So, Niamh has left the Nancy show, and Rachel is in there by the skin of her teeth still!! I think it was the right choice - I see Niamh (in the future) starring in The Phantom as she has a huge range and can sing the higher notes that are Sarah Brightmans trademark. She is right for that role certainly. I still favour Samantha and Jodie, they are the front-runners for me. What do you think? We are nearing the final so the tension is growing.....place your bets now!!!!

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Lovely weather! We took the boat across from Germany to Denmark which was a welcome 45 minutes break from the car! Super beer!!! We went out for dinner to the Hereford Beefsteak House which is in the centre of the city. They were very obliging and made me a vegetarian meal, but it is also a brewery which meant Peter had steak AND beer!!!! Walking back to the hotel we saw TIVOLI all lit up so I tried my camera out with a night shot..worked ok I thought. This was kinda spooky. I was walking along the riverside when I spotted something in the water that looked like people! It turned out to be a sculpture called 'The Merman and his 7 sons'. I am not sure what I think about it actually.... In the evening there were lots of these bicycles in the centre ready to take you around. I thought it was rather colourful. The weather was superb and I had a really great walk around the city centre whilst Peter was at work. I got some good stuff for the family and had very nice coffee and a lunch - expensive though I thought. We drove home last night after taking a slight detour to visit the Detention Camp at Neuengamme which is outside Hamburg. Peters father was detained there during the war so he wanted to see it. I thought it was so sad there, and felt I could not walk inside the camp. It was as if they were still all there.................... We got home around 2am this morning so I am going to bed now!! BUT!!! Not before I say what I think about the Nancys. Ok, here's the thing: I am backing Jodie and Samantha . They were the best this evening and outshone the others totally. But oh boy, the judges are really saying what they think now, and it is hard critisism for the girls. I do agree with their comments however, and can see that Niamh and Jessie are NOT NANCY!!!! I think that Rachel can be her, but she is missing that star quality and connection with the public that Sam and Jodie both have. So, Ineke, Ann, put your money where your mouths are and tell me your votes!!!! It is getting very interesting now we are at semi-final stage ladies!!!!

Smelling the flowers!

I caught Genghis sitting amongst the flowers this week. Not as bad as it seems as he was lying on the stepping stone I have there to get around the pond! He was so happy there - and I love these photos I took of him. You can see how much he was enjoying the lovely weather we were having!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Lily photo

For Angel: the photo was taken using back lighting and a backdrop. I used the macro zoom on the camera and the intelligent iso...bit of a cheat but it worked! There was a lot of extra light needed to make it possible to take the shot without a flash etc. We learnt to do this on the last night of the course so maybe you will too? Thanks for your comment.x

my promised photos!!

Here is the LO of the Haarlem Globetrotters in the style of AlI Edwards as I already told you about. It is about the story, the event and why we went there, nothing more. I used the red and blue colours and the stars as they were on the players tops etc. I had some stickers which were suitable for the topic so they simply add to the storyline. I think it sums up the evening very nicely and I was pleased with my simple approach ( for a change!). These two cards are made with the cardkit from Simpel Scrappen. The second one is my entry in their competition, which I am very pleased with. What do you think of my stamp " Don't mind me, I'm just the Queen'!!!!? Hilarious! I received my monthly kit from AMM this weekend and it is GORGEOUS!! Thank you Hilde for the tip! Well worth the money, good service and no problems getting it here from the States. I shall definitely do it again if I see a kit I really like. Amienke and I are going to get to grips with the Cuttle bug this weekend. I so want to use my nesties but am afraid to ruin her plates, so we are going to do it together and see what happens....oh, to make nice clean circles!!!!! This Thursday I am going to Denmark with Peter so I hope to take some nice shots in Copenhagen if the weather is ok. Or on the way there as we are driving.....8 hours in the car!!!! And tomorrow I am working all day - my first time alone in the day centre so scary or what?! I hope I don't forget anything important and that the clients all behave for me! That is the unpredictable factor for me. Oh well, I will do my best and see how we get on together. I think it will be fine.............everything is now crossed that can be crossed!!!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Which city is this?!!!!

Not difficult to identify is it?! A bike, water, a water bus.....got to be AMSTERDAM!!! We went there yesterday with Jos and Jenny who gave us a fantastic tour, and I managed to take some great photos whilst we were walking around. Just wanted to show you this one as it sort of sums up the city. Enjoy!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

End of camera course photos!

Last night was the final session of my beginners digital photography course in Enkhuizen. We were taking close ups using back lighting techniques etc and it was absolutely boiling inside!!! With the extra warmth from the lighting and the fact that it was 20C plus, we were a little bit over-heated to say the least! However, I do feel that I have learnt a lot more about my camera and what it can do, even though there is still so much more to discover about it, and that my skills have improved. All I need to do now is master photoshopping ( eh, Ineke?!) and I will be able to change and create better photos here at home. What I now know is that nothing less than an SLR camera will do when I next need a new one, as that is what will give me the results I am looking for apparently. So the Canon and Nikon lovers are well ahead with theirs, but for now my simple Lumix is more than sufficient. Today is another beautiful sunny day and we are going to the Westfriese Tuinfair in Midwoud - on our bikes!!! At the moment everyone is still asleep except for the cats and I, and I have made a strawberry jelly and a quiche this morning ready for our meal when we get home this evening. Aren't I good?!!! When it is nice and cool still, that is the best time to stand in the kitchen and cook, so I prefer to get up early ( especially when I can only lie there listening to Peter snoring) and get on with it. Tim went swimming in the Ijsselmeer last night with his friends and Alicia, so they were having fun too...and now asleep til lunchtime no doubt! I am starting to ramble when really I ought to go upstairs and tackle my Magnolia stamps that need the EZ foam adding to them so I can USE THEM!!!!! Have made a mothers day card for Oma yesterday, but had got it in the post before I thought about taking a photo....hopefully all of you have better memories than me!! Have a great weekend, bye!

Friday, 9 May 2008

It's summer!

Ann and I have been cycling this week, and have the sore behinds to prove it! But it has been so nice in the evening, cycling along the dyke from Enkhuizen towards Schellinkhout and home again. I even cycled all the way to a meeting on Wednesday, against the wind!!!! That was hard going but I did it and that is great for me with my Asthma and all. I don't cycle enough but hte weather has to be really great for me to be able to get on my bike for any distance. So today I have to go again in order to keep my muscles in my rear up to scratch or else tomorrow will be painful again! Genghis looks so peaceful, just sitting with his face into the sun and relaxing. It is so nice having Siamese cats around the house - where ever we go they go, so they are such nice company. Xander was hogging the cat chair with cushion at the time, but Genghis often sits by the water and catches a few rays....so sweet! Then the boys were trying to get some frogs for our pond! They did manage to get a couple but I think they have jumped back into the sloot, but now we think we have frog spawn in the pond so hopefully we will have our very own frogs this year. I love them in the garden. They eat all the slugs and other beasties, and my plants survive much better. I have got several froggies in the garden, which I have collected, and they look nice amongst the flower beds. So, today I have washed one load already, written my blog, ironed yesterdays washing, made the spare bed up, and am about to start on my mothers day card for Oma. I have done the LO in Ali Edwards style already but not taken the photo. Need to charge my battery first, but I am quite happy with the result. Simple but true to her ideas on her blog this week. Anyway, another lovely sunny day beckons, so time to say cheerio and get all the chores out of the way so I can enjoy the garden too!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The simple things

THE HAARLEM GLOBETROTTERS in Almere. A dream come true for our son, just like this little boys I imagine! Tim has always wanted to see them in action so we went last Saturday as his birthday treat, and it was great fun! It was a real show more than exciting basketball: they entertained and involved the audience and made everyone laugh, as well as playing a staged game of basketball. All in all a super evening out! But the simple things in scrapping are what my post is really about this morning. Having recently found that my inspiration and desire to scrap was somewhat diminuished - for what ever reasons I don't know- I want to write about that. Scrapping is pure temptation. So many wonderful papers and embellishments and new items constantly appearing on the market, new techniques and tools....what are we to do except follow the trends and feel we are on top of our game and producing scraps that everyone will say "WOW' to...entering competitions and challenges on all the blogs ( not that I do that really myself), adding pressure to provide other scrappers with something to inspire them with...and so it goes on. PLEASURE not PRESSURE is where it is at girls!!! Ali Edwards has got a great weekly blog topic about photos + words and she is right back there in the basics again. just great photos and a story to go with them - and it hits the spot. After all, these are our memories. Our special times, the days we remember when we are older, the way our families evolve and grow: LIFE AS IT REALLY IS. So I am going to try and get into this again, by making a LO of the basketball evening, and what it meant to my son, and nothing else. And I am going to take everyday photos of life as it is here in our household and scrap that. And then dare to show you the results!!!! Have some fun doing the same; put the heart back into scrapping!!!