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Thursday, 2 December 2010


My flight was cancelled this morning by EasyJet due to the snow disruption in England so that confirmed my trip to England was definitely off. Disappointment all round really but it is something no-one could have predicted and we have to accept that. I will try to get there in the new year when the weather is better hopefully!! So, unexpected days at home!!  It has snowed all day long here today so I suppose the bad weather is heading this way. The sky has hung on top of the rooftops all day long, grey and menacing but actually it is only light fluffy stuff that is falling up until now. I guess we have a few centimeters but nothing like the extraordinary snowfalls back home. Jackie told me she had snow up to her knees yesterday and it was still falling!! It is bitterly cold here so no doubt more is on its way. Tim was off on his bike at 4am this morning and now he has to be there for 4am tomorrow as they are so busy with the final run-up to 5 December. Starting earlier means they all get to go home earlier although Tim said he was the first away this afternoon at 2.45. It is a long day for him but he seems to be coping. I wonder what two weeks will feel like?!!!
I have been sitting making Christmas cards today. The phones and internet were all crazy yesterday with hardly a connection and until Tim came home and reset the modem I was without internet today too. But happily it is all better now! I was also up in the attic searching out the Christmas decorations so that the tree can go up soon. I have not found all the ornaments etc but it is so cold up there I can only bear it for short bursts at a time. Finka soon stole the broom from my snowman............I think I need to glue it again! She is naughty and tries to get everything so I am not hopeful about my baubles surviving!! Still, she needs to get used to it and next year she will behave more sensibly I hope.
Well, time for another cuppa as that is keeping me warm today!
Sue xx

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