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Monday, 20 December 2010

Good day

Yey, we did it! We got the extractor hood up and running!! It is not finished off because there needs to be some more alterations to it, but that can wait. The important thing is that it WORKS!!! It took most of the day but that wasn't a problem because we all enjoyed working together. So roll on roasting that Turkey!!
Thank you for being there guys.
Santa's Moon
Did you see the moon tonight? You know the one - for the reindeer to practice by? This is what I saw from our house early this evening. If you are patient and wait long enough you might just see those reindeers soaring above you as they test their strength before the BIG NIGHT. Last year I was lucky enough to see them as I drove home. This is what I think:

"This is the night
when the reindeer flight
practice turning and achieving height.
Old Santa shouts "On!"
and upward they fly,
over the rooftops
off into the dark sky."

 Of course if you have never seen them, you might not believe me, but I don't mind. It's the magic of it all that I never want to lose, so believing is part of Christmas in our house, and always will be.
Sue xx

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