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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Reverb 10 prompt

" describe the social gathering you most enjoyed in 2010."
This year there has not been much social activity on my part due to circumstances you all know about, so I am rather stumped as to what to say about this one. Holidays got cancelled, so nothing there...not had our house-warming as yet (waiting to decorate the downstairs first), and well, the choice is rather limited. I did enjoy my friends 50th birthday, but for me, the one thing I really loved this year was the start of my training course. So whether that was a social gathering in the purest sense is questionable but I am going to choose it anyway. The reason it stands out for me is the feeling it gave me of 'coming home'. And that in the sense of me being re-introduced to education, and topics familiar to me from my career days, my own language, and all things I just innately 'know'. It has allowed me to start reading more books again, wonderful, crazy, happy books, that fill me with joy. It has introduced me to new ladies whom I am getting to know slowly. It is forcing me to conquer my dislike of driving in big cities! It is reinforcing my need to be independent and strengthening my resolve to succeed. I suppose on the flip side, it is also making me more homesick....
but this is about happiness now, and although the point of reverb 10 is to consider what the future could hold as well, now is not the time for all that.
Sue xx

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