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Thursday, 26 June 2008

50 or almost 50....looking good kid!!!

It occured to me that I should make a guestbook for this summer since so many friends are coming over to stay!! Ok, I know we saw Peter in Horsham, but Clare and Jackie were here, and it looks like sunny weather where ever we are!!! Anyway, as friends come to stay I will take a similar photo every time and at the end of the summer make a guest book with all their photos and what we did when they were here etc. Nice idea, right?

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Feeling poorly...aah.

It's been a while but I have got problems with Gall Stones and don't always feel well, sorry! I am seeing the surgeon this coming Friday and hopefully that will result in a fast track appointment to have them removed!!! I gather there are a couple of options of how to do this, but I think it may be best to remove my gall bladder as I seem to have several of the stones in there!!! Ah well, only hope it happens soon as I have too many other things planned for the summer including work!!! So, I am occasionally scrapping but not much as I get pains in my midrift if I sit in one position for too long, but I am looking at lots of wonderful layouts and cards on the sites and keeping an eye on what everyone is creating! The sun is shining this morning so I am going to go and have some yogurt for my breakfast out in the garden. Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunny sunday too!!!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Xander loves me!!

Peter apparently took this photo when he came upstairs last night! I was fast asleep with Xander as close as he could get to me, all cuddled up...ah. A lovely snuggle with mum!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

gallstones, no doubt about it!

That is what is causing me the excruciating pains when it comes on, and boy, oh boy, do they hurt!!! My husband had kindly downloaded lots of information about them by the time I got home from the hospital, so now I know that they can be zapped or removed surgically - both highly delightful options! I am a real coward when it comes to pain, having no threshold to speak of, and a zero tolerance at the best! I need to wait to see my GP once he has got the results himself, and decide what the best couse of action will be. Until then I need to watch my diet and avoid all fatty foods and alchohol and crisps etc. and eat a healthy diet ( which I thought I already did, but hey, not good enough!). Anyone with an ounce of sympathy for me will send me lots of scrap goodies immediately :-) Actually my friend Clare and her daughter Alice are coming over soon, and she has promised us a treat but it is a surprise so I cannot tell you what it is right now...off to check out the internet and see what there is to do locally next week so that Jackie and I have a great time taking my mind off my stones!!!!

Sunny Sara

Having done the photo course I am taking interesting photos these days!!! Sara was sitting on the grass at the Irish Festival in Enkhuizen and so I was able to stand above her and get her to look directly into the lens. I like it a lot!! She was wearing a pretty skirt that looked a lot similar to this paper so there was no problem deciding what to do this time! I have added a few details to the flowers, some text and ribbons and that is it really. Nice and easy but very pretty in my eyes, what do you think?!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

50 plussers!!!

This is the 'rogues gallery' that Peter sent me this morning! Considering that it was taken around midnight we don't look too bad, eh?! Carole and I are the only ones left to still reach our half centruy milestone, but apart from everyone having the odd 'health issue' we look ok still I think. Makes me wonder who will be at his 60th.....most of us were there 10 years ago too, so it is getting quite a habit!! Cheers Peter, it was a pleasure!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

My friend Peter is 50!

We were in Sussex this weekend to surprise my friend Peter who was celebrating his 50th birthday ( as anyone reading this blog already knows!). He was so surprised to open the front door and see us standing there, especially as I had texted him the day before! It was lovely seeing him and his family again, as it is a couple of years since they were with us I think. Time flies! The weather was superb and we sat out in the garden on Saturday just catching up on things etc. 12 of us went out for a nice meal in the evening, and then on Sunday we drove home again. Unfortunately I became ill on the way home with another painful attack in my stomach or gall bladder, so now I have to go for some tests to establish what is going on. I have never known pain like it - even childbirth! This time it lasted a full 12 hours and I was unable to sleep etc and had to ring the night doctors for advice etc. Luckily I can have the tests this week so I will know more soon. It might be gall stones.....who'd have thought?!!! Anyway, wanted to show you the pair of us oldies, more photos later.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Got to say it...

yes, Jodie won The Nancys!! Ann and I watched the final on Sunday morning, and were delighted when she won. Sad for Jessie as she did do so well, and would have been great - the panel were split, two for her and two for Jodie, so it was down to the voters to decide. But like I have said all along, Jodie is the peoples choice for Nancy and she will be fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!! We are planning to go and see her in the role next year, as a birthday treat for me, and an excuse for a weekend in London!! A girls weekend away - super!!! So well done Jodie, your dream has come true girl!

D day is coming up!!

The 6th of June is called D-Day in England as it was an important day in the second world war; the D-day landings in Normandy. But for us, D-day is Dawes-day as it is my best friends birthday and this year he will turn 50!! His wife sent me a few photos of him so I am trying to make a little something before Friday....with very little time to do it as well! We are going there for the weekend so I have to get it done! We have been friends for 40 years so it is really special. I have sent his card already - a humorous one I made about being 'an old friend' etc. and now I am trying to create a small memory card to add to that. Anyway, Happy Birthday Peter!!!

...and I thought they worked for a Danish company?!!

My husbands Swedish colleague was staying a night with us last week, so Peter collected him at the airport wearing his orange viking hat!!! Before they left for the exhibition I took these photos in our garden...what sort of LO should I make of these I wonder?!....hup, Holland, hup!!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Does this say Holland to you or what?!!!!

This photo typifies a visit to Holland for me. I took Becci and Roy by the windmill along the dyke towards Hoorn, whilst we were out cycling the other night. I plan to scrap it soon!!! It gave me the inspiration for the new scrapfever challenge for June, so ladies if you are checking my blog, the theme is HOLLAND!!!

the past few days...

Tim with Oma. This is the oldest and the youngest members of our immediate family together! Rebecca and her Roy. My children. Rebecca is 21 and Tim is 15 now and I don't know where the years have gone!!! So absolutely proud of them both of course!!!! NO time as yet to sit and really write my blog but I was in the middle of sending these shots to other mail addresses and decided to get them on here as well. Be back next week if not this!!