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Sunday, 21 September 2008

back from holiday and still in one piece!!

Apart from the fact that there is still one weekend away to go, I have thoroughly enjoyed the mad rush of summer this year, and being able to spend time with so many of my friends. At the same time I am quite glad that it is over and I can start to think about things I want to do for myself again!! Like my scrapping - sadly neglected these last few weeks and I am dying to get started again! And with the start of STRICTLY last night, it heralds the coming of CHRISTMAS as well!!! 13 weeks and we will be celebrating it and I have done NOTHING yet!!!! No cake in the fridge, soaking up the alcohol and smelling delicious; no looking in the cookery books for a reminder of what we like to eat etc. I have to start soon! We are going over the see Becci's new home this weekend so we can hopefully zoom round Tesco's and buy any necessry ingredients then......I love autumn. It is so lovely outside at the moment and the leaves are just beginning to turn and an abundance of cobwebs adorn the bushes and plants in the garden. There is a chill in hte air but it is still 17C and super out there. We have been cycling this week and Ann and I are going for a ride this afternoon. Pete is at a spiritual workshop all day - which he had totally forgotten about until Danielle rang last night!!! I think he will enjoy it when he is there though - do him good. Tim is at his girlfriends and I am here home alone apart from the cats and the radio! By the way, my email is not working so I cannot read anything at the moment! It is very frustrating knowing that there are probably ones I want to read and I cannot access them at all. So please forgive me if you have sent me one and I haven't replied to it! About STRICTLY: well the men started the show and I think the rubgy player had the best dance of the night. He was very good for the first outing, but I did think that 'Winnie the Pooh" did look so sweet waltzing!!! Bruno described him perfectly and I hope he stays a little longer! Next week the ladies get their chance so until then, impossible to say who our favourites are. I will be polling those I know who watch to see what they think, so any views at this stage are most welcome!! I loved MERLIN that came on afterwards too. Better than TESS which was disappointing compared to the original version of many years ago and of course, the book itself. It is watchable and will precis the book neatly for anyone who hasn't read Hardy before. Me, I have practically all his books and am a fan!!! I had a super time in Dorset last week too - great weather and good company, and wonderful to be back home again. We went to see Anne and Max too, which was very special for me. they are very dear friends who are having a tough time with Annes illness right now. I appreciated being able to see them at this time. Well, time to go on and do some chores before Ann gets here! How time flies.......................

Monday, 8 September 2008

Not being very up on all this blogging stuff....

ok, that worked but how do I get this signature on every post?!!! I have somehow managed to create it but now I am stuck! I should stick to baking cakes cos' I am good at that! But I adore being able to write on the computer in my own handwriting so wanting to have a signature is just irresistable to me! I'vemade it - it really IS easy girls, but how to whip it out time after time when it is not at tip of my mouse, is another matter all together! Ah well, as I am off on holiday tomorrow, I will sign out now with my sig. and say tat ta, and enjoy the sunny weather which is promised this week!! Think of me in soggy Dorset - or so it seems from the weather forecast!!! love,
just trying something,

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Saturday, 6 September 2008


Just had the call from her that she is safely home and back into the humdrum of everyday life already!!! It was lovely seeing her this week and we had a great time. This photo was taken yesterday on the beach at Egmond-aan-zee. We had a little light lunch there and a potter around before coming home to the packing and relaxation of her last night. And since I took her to the train at 7am this morning I have been none-stop! I have got loads of washing done; undercoated and got one coat of paint already on the kitchen walls; made a start on this evenings dinner; got e-mails written and sent off before I go away; got my ticket and money and passport in my handbag; started thinking about what to take as Gilly threatens monsoon weather in Dorset all week; got some notes written for Tim to follow so he doesn't forget the appointments he has this next week.........got times of the trains for me to go and us to come back - also for Peter this afternoon.....wow!!! I am supermum today!!!!! It is morning energy - I feel it fading fast! We are having visitors tomorrow so thinking about a delicious pear and ginger trifle for them, shopping, cleaning, ah, it never ends. But if you want a giggle, read the column by Daphne Dekkers in VROUW today girls. The last sentence made me laugh out loud!!!! " Lights out; socks on!"" Read it and see for yourselves!! ps. trying to get a signature for my blog - lots of tips but no time to create it yet - it will happen!!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Personal Shopper!!

I love it when Lindsey comes over -we usually get to shop for her new seasonal wardrobe and yesterday we hit Alkmaar full on!!! We started off with a gorgeous jacket from La Ligna, and a couple of colourful tops, moved onto Douglas for the make-up advice and new items, then to Ziengs for the boots and back to La Ligna for a skirt!!! All in all she did well and the clothes are fabulous!! The colours this autumn are wonderful and suit us both but I need to diet a bit more so that I can get into some of the nice tops etc I saw. So today, no shopping only walking and talking!!! We went to the first rehersal of a new choir last night as I have been missing mine for the last 2 years. When we got home I was browsing the local newspaper and noticed that a new choir was starting that evening in Enkhuizen and it was a pop choir called ....ENJOY!!!! Couldn't believe it!! I was in ENJOY in Zoetermeer for 6 years..was this an omen or what Ineke???!!!!! Anyway we toddled along and it was chaos! It got better but there was much muttering and opinions flying around about how and what and where was a conductor etc....at the break one of the people in the room suddenly told the leaders that she was a conductor and if there was sheet music for 4 part harmony by next week, she would lead us! The chap on the guitar turned out to be my sons English teacher........it got funnier and funnier! Lindsey sings alto so she was sat across the room from me, no Dutch, and only listening to all the heavy discussions going on around her and wondering what she had let herself in for!! We had a nice evening and it was super to be singing again. I am away next week so it will be interesting who turn up for another go, and who not. We had 5 men before the break and 3 afterwards adn one lady had gone too, so I think it is a question of being patient and seeing how it goes for a month before deciding yes or no. Funny how life takes these sudden twists, eh?... Got to go now - having Sara to take to school first thing this morning. My cold is also still getting worse so feeling a bit down this morning really.Hope all of you have a great day, Suzannex

Monday, 1 September 2008

Print in a scrapped frame for Becci

I sent for this print from the US as I love Kelly Rae's work, and they came so quickly! It is quite small but I have made a frame around it and just scrapped on what I wanted to and hey presto! it was finished!! We are trying to go over at the end of this month so I am collecting various bits and pieces to take with us - I think she will like it. Did anyone see the final of Last Choir Standing on Saturday? It was a great show and I was pleased that the lads from Wales won though I was torn between the last 3 if I am honest. What talent they have!! No doubt it will be a show that soon comes to Holland as well, as choirs are very popular here too. Something for ENJOY to aspire to Ineke?!!!! I am still in the middle of having friends here - Lindsey arrives tomorrow for the week and then I am off to Dorset next week, and then Gilly comes here with me , so until 20 Septem ber don't expect a lot of blogging to be happening!! I am also missing out on my scraptime so that is getting to me a bit now - time to start thinking about christmas cards.............got the latest cardkit and am expecting the kit from DE Creatie today hopefully. It is the first time I have had it from them, so I am very curious as to what it will contain. I am also dying to get into the christmas paper buying mode!!!! Saving up for that now as well. Anyway, just a quick hello to all of you out there and hoping to catch up on your blogs too! xx