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Monday, 13 December 2010


I am getting rather tired of all the toes and fro-ing regarding the connecting parts for my cooker hood. It keeps being promised and doesn't arrive; emails are flying back and forth; delivery company now been fired........promises, promises, and yet I still don't know when it will arrive!! I have asked that it be delivered before the end of today, so I will stay home and wait...............I am a patient person, and I don't want to become too impatient about this but I do feel that I need to remain assertive about it so that it doesn't become the bicycle saga all over again!!! You are wondering what that is? I bought a good second-hand bike from a local company a few months ago now. When the guy brought it to my house he told me that he had put a temporary back light on the side because he needed to order the right one for me, which he would come along and fit when it was in stock. So I waited a reasonable time, then I rang up about it. The answer was that he was now on a weeks holiday and he would ring me when he was back at work. I have never heard any more from him, my back light is still not replaced, and the one he fitted is obscured by my saddlebags so useless really...........but my gut says he has no intention of keeping his word about this so I am not chasing after something I will never get. He can live with the knowledge that his service is not top notch, and that I will not recommend anyone buy their bikes there in the future. But I have paid for this part for the cooker so I want it!!!
It has turned colder all of a sudden. I have just been to the Council to enquire about the local taxes since I got the bill on Friday and was unsure exactly what they needed me to do about it. Seems it is easier than I thought, so now I have sorted that out I can stop worrying about it. It is all so new to me, since  I have never dealt with these things before here in Holland.  Living and Learning.
Sue xx

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