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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

Tiny tree in the border!

Astilbes starting to bud.

Princess of Wales Rose.

New border plants.

A Chocolate plant, Tim!!!

First of the large Clematis flowering.

This weekend has been exceptionally hot! I went cycling for two days and then got rather sunburnt which curtailed my activities rather. I got the umbrella up and positioned myself with top half in the shade!!!! Legs are so difficult to tan aren't they? I was lazy yesterday and slept rather a lot. When it is warm I tend to be awake at the crack of dawn and do the ironing before I take a shower to cool off afterwards! It is such a warm task at the best of times, but extreme heat makes it unbearable. Good finally getting out the summer clothes and figuring out that most don't fit so a quick month of caution lies ahead! Tim had the same and so decided he needed to order some new summery stuff - same every year! "Where are my sunglasses? Where are my flip-flops? Have you seen them, mum?" We are back to normal with stuff once again, and I for one am hoping it remains that way!!
Tomorrow I have to take a passport photo . . .hoping the redness will have faded somewhat by then!!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Soaring temperatures

mean little time spent indoors and on chores like the washing and especially the ironing! Instead I have been cycling and getting sunburnt in the process, and sitting with friends and generally doing as little as possible. The flip side of the coin is the extreme heat has brought on my hay fever which I managed to get through 2011 without even a sneeze, but this is more than I can stand. I'm sneezing; my eyes are prickling and I am starting to get that tickle in my throat and ears that sends me crazy. I will have to succumb to the medication . . . . best to do so really. (sigh) . . . .
I was thinking about going to visit Chelsea Flower Show next year and found an enthusiastic friend to accompany me, but having read about the experience another friend has had this year I'm having second thoughts and thinking maybe Hampton Court is the better bet? This needs further exploration and thought but going to something like Chelsea might involve having to be a member and cost way more than we had imagined . . . first flush of enthusiasm is giving way to more practical thoughts Ineke!!!! Other friends have done Hampton and it is also a great show to visit, but probably more appropriate for what we would enjoy. We will deliberate my friends!
Sue xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Something in the skies over Windsor

We are starting to celebrate our Queen's Diamond Jubilee and yesterday I sat and watched the muster of the Armed Forces at Windsor. It was an impressive sight. At the end, there was a flypast of around 70 aircraft including the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and these guys. The best part of the whole thing was seeing how delighted Her Majesty was when she looked up and saw a 60 and E II R overhead. She smiled and she clapped and she was full of joy. Made all that practicing so worthwhile, right?
To end the flight, the Red Arrows showed up in the Diamond 9 formation. A cheer rose from the crowd. A tear or two filled my eyes. As a youngster we lived in Deal, Kent, and at every Regatta the Red Arrows would swoop in over our heads and then give their display over The Pier and seafront.
I remember the distant roar that signaled their approach. Suddenly out of nowhere they would be there.
Round of applause is well deserved.

Its all go right now in the UK. What with the Olympic Flame arriving at Culdrose on Friday and starting the torch relay around the whole country, this muster, the Jubilee Song, the Concert at the Palace, the Street Parties etc . . . .busy, busy, busy. Better unfurl the old flag then!!!! My friend gave me a huge silky scarf yesterday that is a Union Jack, and its perfect. It was for sale at the annual Market here on Friday apparently. Good timing!! Its sad not to be at home with all this happening but we are celebrating here too. Can't wait for the Flotilla on Sunday 3rd June . . .
Sue xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bank Holiday

for Ascension Thursday here today. I remember that it was always the school trip when I was at primary school in Yeadon all those years ago! I suppose I must have been between 6 and 8 then . . .we went to a Catholic Primary School and on the bus we all had to sing " May is the month of Mary, month we all love so well. Mary is God's own mother . . . " I remember the tune too!!!! Where we went I haven't the foggiest but it seems to have stuck in my mind for one reason or another. Great that I get a day off now too!!!
It was lovely first thing in the garden. I woke up with the urge to sand the wooden arms of the garden chairs, which I duly did, and then went over with Teak Oil. They look a lot better now. I have a smallish list of house jobs that are building up now, and need some attention, so I am trying to plan how and when we can tackle them. The gate and the lights are the priority I feel. Mostly cosmetic items that need doing but the whole bedroom thing is the biggy. Oh, and the kitchen dream . . . . when will that come true????
Still, lovely sunny evening. Nothing to do but relax and make it an early night. Last night was kinda late!!
Sue xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

under the weather

 . . .that would be me! Not having a great time health-wise right now, but gather its a thing that is going round, so it will also pass on. Maybe it has to do with the weather confusion right now . . .there's talk of snow . . . shush...................
Sue xx

Monday, 14 May 2012


Its several years now since I was fortunate enough to visit Monet's Garden in Giverny, France. It was not at its most spectacular when we did, but I bought a book about color co-ordination schemes etc. and keep it in mind when I choose plants for our garden. This is gorgeous! My particular favorites are the blues and purples, reds and pinks punctuated with a little white - quite spectacular wouldn't you agree?
I've never been one for flashy colours - keep those yellows and oranges out please! I like the softer shades, that blend and seep into one another without really noticing. No surprise then that I love watercolor paintings especially those of the Impressionists!!
We are still way, way off creating our garden as we wish it to be, but the beginning has been made.
Sue xx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Recent photos

30th April Enkhuizen, Gloria enjoying a well earned rest from
our marathon bike ride!

Tulips being harvested in Westwoud.

Left hand borders from the house side.

Small corner by the shed.

Longer side by shed.

Facing the house from the shed.

The Astilbes and Hostas on the right side where
we get the shade.

The shed side again.

My purple and blue border.

Herbs in tubs and then the pink and white border
after I cut the box into more of a hedge shape this

Shadow side facing back door.

The wall hanging and huge Hosta.

Where we sit first thing in the morning when
the sun is out.

Gebke at the rummage sale last weekend in the rain!!!!!
Here are some photos showing what we have been up to recently. I wanted to take some all in one go but you know how it goes . . . anyway, this is a good chance to catch up on our lives here in (mostly) sunny Holland!!!
Today was lovely - but clouding over at the moment so I probably have made the most of the sunshine by going out on my bike this morning. I wanted some plants and since people often have them for sale along the roadside here, I emptied by jar of 10cents and went off in search of some Geraniums etc. It was a lovely ride really - cool in the shade and lovely in the sun, and with my iPod blaring favorite music in my ears I was content. Will and Finka have been outside a little too, but Will aims way above his station when he spots birds and anything that he can climb, so we are in for a tough ride with the little boyo!!! He isn't the type to stay home for long, like Finka.
It's Mothers Day here in the Netherlands today. Just so you know.
Sue xx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

tackling the mess!

I have done nothing at all with my card making or scrapbooking since before Christmas and it feels time I sorted out my tiny space and prepared to make something new! I can't work in chaos and I have so little space which over the months has become shrouded in dust and clutter until I no longer want to sit down and create.
But I did some today! I really did. I went through several drawers in the large cupboard and dreamt of having doors on them to keep the dust away. I tidied my small table where I actually do the work, and blew the dust onto the floor (sweeping is next on the list!) and started thinking about which papers and items I need to keep by me constantly . . and dreamt of buying new papers etc later in the summer . . .
I cleared the windowsill and cleaned it and put the plants back and items that won't fade in the sun. I have been busy - but now I am starting to sneeze with all the dust that is blowing about in here; the cats are wanting my attention and it is time for a cup of tea!
I am thinking about holidays and time off and decorating and the kitchen and planting out plants in the garden curtesy of Tim's Mother's Day present, and now I am tired.
I guess it must be that time of year when I finally get my spring cleaning act together!!!!
Sue xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

learning how

to do this!!! Having just been through the upgrading process on my computer all by my little self, and run into several huge panicky problems, I decided this afternoon to read some instructions about the new blogger. It helped. Really. I ought to read them more often. Note to self: " read the ....... manual"!!!!! Got it; promise.
Some people at work are thinking about holidaying in England next year so I was looking for some good suggestions for them and found this one for Yorkshire. Lovely. Wish I was there!! Next time I see them I will watch it with them and hopefully convince them that there are beautiful places on the other side of the water without having to travel too far!
But back to my computer upgrade - everything looks different, behaves differently and tells me things I never knew before but most of all my email has changed and become vulnerable, and that worries me. We have tried to remedy it and now with nail bitten fingers we are praying it is all better again. Still not 100% sure about it all, but nothing more we can do. Right?
Joanna - if you are reading this then you will have received your e-card too I presume?!! Happy birthday to you anyway!
Becci survived her first Guide Camp and from the photos of her sitting in a tree smiling I think she enjoyed it. Their activities sounded brilliant so well done to the leaders for organizing such a great weekend. I am so glad she is getting involved same as I did years ago - happy I preserved my Camp Blanket so well too!!!
Busy baking White Chocolate & Pecan Cookies so better go and rescue them from the oven!!
Sue xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birthday Girl!!!

My lovely, lovely daughter turns 25 years old today!!! Happy Birthday darling Becci.
All my love,
mummy xxxxxxx