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Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday morning

I had a difficult night, not really sleeping much, restless, thinking, dreaming, and not shaking off this headache which is a nuisance now.  I sat in bed reading my book before going to sleep which was good but the light in the bedroom is too soft for easy reading so that didn't help I suppose, but I wanted to get a little closer to the end!! I am finding it extremely thought-provoking and interesting and perhaps a little bit scary for me who loves to shy away from anything confrontational. I say confrontational but I suppose it is more challenging than that, for it asks the questions one tends to avoid 99% of the time, and refuse to answer for that other 1%!! Sometimes I wish I were more superficial!!!

Yesterday we put up the Christmas Tree as we always do on 5 December. Finka is fascinated. Not a good sign. She is sitting underneath it biting the green stuff! We had to debate where the safest place was to situate it: where I first thought of gave her leaping access on both sides, so not a smart idea. Then Tim suggested it went next to the settee where the trunk is at the moment. Hm, access on one side only, room for the presents underneath, not taking up useful space ( until the bookcases come!) so that is where we agreed on. I moved the trunk underneath my desk so that it is under the TV now, and I've moved the boxes onto it which gives more space for the telly. I think it is a good temporary arrangement. Anyway, today I will decorate it, and hope for the best. Madam will not be sleeping downstairs for the foreseeable future!!!!
I spoke to Becci and Heathcliff was giving her a similar headache with their tree!! Good job Genghis has long lost his interest in such trivial matters; he just sleeps through it all, raising the odd whisker in amusement sometimes................sorry, can't type too long as my eyes are going funny.
Sue xx

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