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Monday, 27 December 2010

All over for another year

We spend so long waiting for Christmas then in just a few short days it is all over, the decorations are down, and the house is returning to normal again. Ahh..............life starts to pick itself up and the normality of everyday routine begins. It does feel strange today as it is Monday and not a Bank Holiday here. Of course Christmas and Boxing Day falling in a weekend in the UK entitles us to two more days off work, but the world is getting back to the daily grind here in the Netherlands; but without me and Tim!!! We have got days free to prepare for the New Year, and the decorating that is starting in January. Yes, it is finally time to strip off the old wallpaper in our living room and get some new up and a bit of colour on the walls. I think my brain is trying to skip past the hard work on to the making it homely stage because as I was cleaning this morning all I did was stand and imagine the bookcases that are coming once the room is finished, and how joyous that is going to make me feel! The space is there............and sitting browsing through the Billy Bookcases in Ikea on the web this morning, I can see what it is going to look like now. I am compromising on them............just like you suggested!! ;-) but there will be enough room for the best books and our ornaments etc so I am happy. This just about takes care of January 2011; doing the living room. February will be the bookcases month ( for my birthday) and then March it is holiday time!! April Tim turns 18 and will start his driving lessons.............oh, am I really wishing the year away before it starts?!!! No, just anticipating wonderful events and moments in our future. It looks so grey and dull outside this morning that these sunny thoughts are making me smile, and that can only be good.
So, time to start on the Christmas mini album with my tags so that the stamps can all be put away for another 12 months and I can re-arrange my shelves and snuggery to accommodate SPRING!!!
Sue xx

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