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Friday, 30 November 2007

"Look what the children bought me"!!!!!

Amienke with her new Cricut. She was showing it to her friends with whom she makes cards etc and explaining what they would now be able to make with such ease........it will be a huge success I know for certain, as Amienke is really great at trying it all out; better than me as I am too cautious I think, and don't experiment enough. I will never get the 3000 possibilities out of one cartridge but she might!!! I am so happy for her, as it will be put to very good use!! Looking forward to seeing her new creations....

What a spread!!!!

This is the high Tea table that Amienke, Marion and Lily had prepared on Thursday. I told you it was splendid!!!! Even though the guests were a little hesitant to start with, I am sure there was very little left over by the end of the evening! Tim's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw all these 'delicious delicacies daintily dished up' for him to choose from!! I was watching Take Two last night and Claudia said that Arlene loves to Alliterate when she is enthusing (or otherwise) about the dancing, so I thought " I will too!" I used to love all that at school. Anyone remember their Malapropisms?!!!!!! I've a friend, Lindsey, who is great at them!!! Since these photos uploaded successfully, I will now try the ones of Amienke with her Cricut etc.....here goes.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

High Society!

Yesterday was a great day! I held my workshop from 9.30 - 12.3o and it went so well. The three ladies made nice jokes to one another and chatted in between making their cards, drinking coffee etc. and they were all delighted with their efforts which is what it is all about! It was a lovely morning, enjoyed by all. Then I buttered and cut all the cucumber sandwiches for Amieke's High Tea, and went off with Lily and Sara around 1.45pm. The spread was AMAZING! I have got photos but Blogger was not co-operating this morning when I tried to upload them, so they will follow, promise! I have got the table from several angles as it was FULL of delicious foody bits, and then I managed to capture a great set of photos of Amienke in her Alpine Durndle outfit, with Sara and Lars, and.................her CRICUT!!!! Amieke was so happy with that! She even demonstrated it to her cirlce of card-making friends in a corner of the kitchen in between all the cups of tea and food prep. It was great to see that she is loving it already!!! I have promised to give an English Baking workshop in January for Marion and Lily and anyone else who is interested!! Marion had got loads of recipes and made her first ever Lemon curd and scones and quiche etc which I was very impressed about. Since she had never tasted some of them before, so had no real idea what they were supposed to taste like even, I think she did remarkably well. If I give this workshop Peter may get me the Kitchen aid.....what do you think?!......could I get one for Christmas darling??!!! It would be fun and I love baking! So many wonderful english cakes and bakes and ideas which here in Holland are unknown recipes. Maybe I will advertise it on my site...www.thepaperlady.nl bakes!!!!! Anyway, I am now going to get ready for the visit to the kitchen design centre to discuss our new kitchen. I've taken photos to take along with me so that they can see what we have now, and what we would love to have by next March!!!! Peter and I went there with Tim last weekend as Peter is in Denmark today, and found a few we all liked - our taste is the same I think so that is easy enough- but it is the design and the layout that needs tweaking for sure! I am a lefty and like to have a kitchen that has the plugs to my left or at least with the space around either side so that I can get the kettle etc where I want them. As you can tell, I am the main cook and bottle washer in our house! So I get to say where I want it all, yes! We have got one side that is ok, but the other has nothing fixed so there is plenty of scope to re-design it all I hope. One thing is for SURE...a Boretti oven will be coming!! I love them and need the ovens for the style of cooking I enjoy, which is typically English with Italian thrown in !! It is super to have two ovens when cooking a Sunday Lunch for example, or Christmas Dinnner, yummy. Oh I must tell you this! We are going to my aunts for Christmas and she has always decorated Fabulous cakes. She used to tell a story or a cartoon etc on them, all made out of marzipan or icing and then coloured etc. We have heard of so many wonderful creations.... and then I asked her what it was going to be this year and she said ' oh, I don't do them any more!" Disaster!!!! But we got chatting on the phone about all the things we are doing over Christmas etc and she said that she will try and make an iced cake again....but what should she put on it? I said, half joking, ' I think Xander and Genghis throwing snowballs would be nice" - (our two Siameses) -and she said that that wasn't too difficult to do cats so she would have a go!!!!! Can't wait! Anyway on that note I really have to stop. Lots to do and little time to do it in! Havea great day one and all where ever you all are!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....

This is a little tree I have altered with some pretty christmas paper, some bells and ribbons and stars etc. I bought the plain white tree in XENOS in Hoorn and when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for altering!! I have inked the trunk with brown ink and given it a more natural look, but really you could do anything you like as it is in MDF and easy to cover with paper etc. If you make the holes in like I have done, then it is great to thread the silver ribbon through and wrap it around the tree - no-one sees the sellotape behind!!! -and adding the tiny bells was so cute!!! I have got a couple more that I am going to use in a workshop so that is interesting to wait and see what someone else chooses...........have a go yourselves!!!!

Secret santa!!!!

Anyone who knows me will appreciate how much I like to buy/make christmas presents for everyone BUT! at the same time how hard it is for me not to immediately tell them what I have bought!! And today I am absolutely bursting because I have found the perfect pressie for two of my friends!!!!!!! And I cannot tell you anymore than that! I KNOW for 100% that they will be de-lighted (to use a Craig-ism) and totally surprised with what I have got for them.....so now it is in the hands of the post to deliver to me in time to wrap for them!!!! I am off to England next Thursday morning so there is very little time....and if my parcel arrives whilst I am gone, what will DH think?!!!............she's ordered MORE stuff??? He will be equally happy when he sees what is in the package I am sure, and as it is not for me this time, all well and good, right?...!!!!! Thank you to Barbara who helped me get my counter for Christmas on the blog - big hugs since you are very special and going through tense times with your fathers operation and recovery. Bless you for helping me!

respect, your Majesty!

If I am feeling a little tired this morning, I really cannot complain after watching the first in a 5 part reality series about the work of our Monarchy. This first part followed the Queen as she prepared for a state visit to America. I take my hat off to this tiny lady who has the stamina of an amazon!!!! Her schedule and everything that goes into making such a trip is incredible. She was photographed and given speeches to learn, hopped on and off trains and in and out of car cavalcades, went from meal to meal, high tea to state dinner, outfit to outfit and always a little smile on her face. AMAZING!!! And all that at 80 plus!!!!! I have always been a supporter of the Royal Family and the traditions of England. They might seem old-fashioned and quaint and out of step with the modern world but they are the very things which make my home special. If they all went, what would we have left? The charm of England lies in her ability to stay her course of individualism and quirkiness added to her many years of history and fable. The fact that England is also a beautiful country with such a wide variety of flora and fauna and folklore - where else can you hear about Arthurian legend???!!! - scones and victoria sandwiches.......Wimbledon and Lords........crumpets for tea!!!! It made me feel so proud of my heritage and a little homesick of course, but there isn't anyone who could deny what Queen Elizabeth has done for England and Great Britain and the Commonwealth during her long reign: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

Monday, 26 November 2007

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Well, not quite but it is a question of "two stars and three cards, and a workshop on Wednesday!!!" Here are two of the stars I have already finished. We made them out of MDF and have undercoated them in white paint and then gone round the edges with either silver or gold paint, and put a small hole in the top for the wire to go through. The paper is cut out about half a centimeter smaller than the star itself and then I have done various things to it before simply glueing it in place! Because it is MDF it doesn't suck up the glue so that paper remains nice and flat! Handy tip to know!!! The cards are for the workshop I am giving this week. Two regular ladies are coming with another friend in tow, so that is really nice and cosy!!! I always enjoy them coming as they are so lovely and appreciative of what they make every time. I try to vary the techniques and the degree of complexity as well, as they are all 'ladies of a certain age' who are great at crafts but enjoy doing something a little different with me. Mostly it is the products that they are unfamiliar with now, and they have learnt how to stamp already at one of my other workshops, and use some of the inks etc, but I think the see-through ornaments will surprise them!!! I love the plastic buttons too; so easy to use! and they co-ordinate wonderfully. This year has been a great one for scrappers as the products are simply gorgeous!!!!

continuing with the book..

These are the last pages and I love the presents under the tree!!! I have tried to make the book appealing to Ben as he is only 19 months old, and it is more of an heirloom than something he can play with - that is in the other present!!! I have always read this poem to our children on Christmas Eve, as it magically captures the essence of the arrival of Father Christmas with his reindeers whilst they sleep, and I just personally love it! If you 'google-it' under the name; poem The Night Before Christmas, you can get the text too. The last page has got space to slip a few photos inside so that we can keep that memory alive as well. What do you think? I am very proud of my efforts and am looking forward to giving it to them on Boxing Day when we are all together.

next set of pictures

The poem continues with page 2 (6) and the reverse side (7), and the next page both sides etc. (8 & 9). The sleigh is done with the Cricut again as are the delicious reindeers! I used K& company for the santa and cut out presents from the paper I was using already since they were the right size!! I embossed the stars stamp with silver and added the thread around the necks of he reindeers and into the sleigh to give it more interest and dimension. The reverse sides of each page reflect the part of the poem I printed on the other side.

BEN's BOOK for Christmas

This is the little book of THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS that I have made for Benjamin Stone. He is the son of my cousin James and his wife Zoe, and the grandson of my god-father John Stone and his wife Hilary! This is the front cover (1) and then the inside of the cover with little letters in the post for Santa (2) with a close-up of that (3); the first page of the story (4) and the back of that page (5). I have used the Cricut Christmas cartridge to make the houses which I then embossed with Winter Wonderland powder. I stamped the reindeer and used the Marvy pens to colour them in etc. I printed teh poem out on the computer on transparencies and then backed them with pretty paper and made a frame to support them in the book.

radiating warmth!

I was busy the other day re-arranging my scrap-room as I felt unhappy with the way it was (logical), and this has led to Genghis finding a new place to sit! He can just about squeeze into a tiny spot between the phone, note pad, and the plant and manages to get right up close to the radiator! Any closer and he would be on it!!!!! He is SOoooo SWEET! Genghis is getting to the age where sleep is preferable to any other activity in the winter months. As I write now he is snuggled up next to Xander on our bed, where they will remain until 3pm when their tummies rumble and they come down for food. They usually return to their warm spot until we are having dinner when they re-appear to see whether there are any left-overs, or a nice comfy lap to sit on. If I were to count the number of 'beds' the pair have around the house it would be embarrassing!!! From hanging mats on radiators to baskets in my scraproom, chair with cushions, corners of settees, the washing........spoilt or what??!!! They say that if you want the best seat in the house you have to move the cat, and it is TRUE!!!! I am still busy scrapping my stars for Christmas. I have taken the "hand-made pledge" to make as many presents either myself or bought from a craft stall, or other hand-made shops. It is quite a challenge but I think that in a world full of electronica and computers and other gadetry, a little bit of time and effort spent creating something unique for someone else is worthwhile. I loved the button tree that I saw on Ali Edwards blog and have got to gather enough buttons to make it but I have started by getting the tree shape together! It looks easy.....but probably isn't, but anyway, worth a try. The stars are all different, made from MDF and painted in a shaker-way, folk-artish etc. I like this simple style very much. I can'twait to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic and up!! Almost December.........................I will take some photos of what I have completed to date and let you see them hereeeeeee. I have to make some birthday cards too, and then concentrate on the workshop for Wednesday. Photos of the cards we are making to follow!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

SAG report

I have to say that once again I was rather disappointed with the SAG event. I just can't seem to enjoy them mainly because of poor organisation I think. Maybe it is not an issue for others but I like to see that everything is ready well in advance of a class and not stand at the door while extra tables etc are being carried in!!! It wastes time and gives a poor impression. As I give workshops myself, I know how hard it is to be absolutely sure one has got everything nailed, but I spend a lot of time ensuring that I have got it all down to a T before the day people arrive. I was also disappointed with the standard of one of the classes I followed. The teacher was rather stressed I thought and not prepared for so many people and had not timed her projects appropriately. We ended up taking pictures and making some of the project back at home! I suppose I expect MORE from the organisers and want better from them as it is a heck of a lot of money to attend SAG. My friend and I won't be going again, that is for sure, which is not a great recommendation I know, and I apologise if you don't agree with us, but I cannot tell a lie!


I wish I was handier in setting new stuff on the blog!! I have failed now so many times to get new things on the right hand side, and cannot for the life of me work out what I am doing wrong!! I will have to ask my computer guru ( yes, Ineke, that would be you!) how to do it again (sorry!)... I wanted to add a christmas countdown and Barbara told me what to do, but that doesn't work for me yet, and then I was browsing Ali Edwards newsletter and joined the hand-made pledge site, and want to add their badge here.....copied the url etc but got nowhere with it! What do I do wrong???!!!!!! I have been behind with my blogging lately 'cos my DS had been using my computer and messed around with settings etc that beggered up my settings and resulted in my not getting mails or into the blog etc. Peter has spent ages sorting it out for me again, bless him, and now it works! So I will be back!!!!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

waiting and wondering.....

This Monday just gone we had our interview with the Intake Bureau regarding our son Tim. We had to fill in lots of questionnaires and give our personal information details etc, and now we wait until next week when they will 'give us their advice'. And I don't much care for this waiting and it is not helping me to feel ok at the moment. I have still got this awful cough which I can't seem to get rid of, and I am so worried that it will spark off my asthma again................. Tim is not doing well at school and his report will be a disaster I am afraid!!! He CAN do it all, but sometimes his brain sits upside down in his head and it all goes wrong!!!! I know the feeling which only convinces me even more that he is Dyslexic. The school is arranging that test soon and also for him to see the school psychologist. I wonder what they will make of my DS?!!...in the mean time I do not feel I can concentrate on my scrapping etc and that is annoying too!!! I so enjoy that and it is a way for me to settle and find peace and serenity in this chaotic and sometimes harsh world. Boy, I am reflective today!!! Yesterday was nice though. I went to Den Helder with Amienke and she loved the shop!! She bought a few things for her birthday and pointed out a few others that she would like for her big birthday next week......'in case William and Lily ask'......and we had a lovely time together. She made me really laugh at times- she really knows how to tell a story and it is so visual that I can see what she is describing at times! She is having a High Tea for her birthday and she feels like a Hyacinth Bouquet apparently!!!! I am invited which is very kind of her, and I have offered to make some cookies etc and the cucumber sarnies...............it will be very entertaining I am sure!! Only 2 days until SAG with Loes this Saturday. I am looking forward to it very much, but have no money to spend on any goodies which is a shame...aah! I will get my soft pencils for the stamps tomorrow and then the purse is empty!!!! What will I do????

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

when all the world....

Isn't there a poem with this as title? Or something like it!!! The other day I was full of self-doubt and anxiety and worry about my scraps, and now I feel uplifted and wonderful!!! I got very brave yesterday and actually walked into a hobby shop in Enkhuizen and told them I give workshops etc and maybe there was a possibility of doing some for them or together!!! It might never lead to anything, but I have decided that I need to promote myself more and see what happens, in return for a bit more assertiveness on my part!! And I have also been asked to give a workshop for a group of people next year which is fantastic and I am delighted to do that for them. Can't say more at this stage but it is just so great to have been asked because someone loves my work...can't get a better compliment really. I have to photograph the book for Ben now, for the Scrapfever site and here, so back soon!!! I am busy making more cards for the workshop on the 28th that is now fully booked so also nice. These ladies are 'regulars' so I like to make it a special occasion for them - they are so sweet!! And today I am going to take Amienka to Simpel Scrappen in Den Helder as she has never really seen a proper scrapbook store and it will amaze her!! We were line dancing last night, but my coughing and wheezing is still a problem and so I couldn't do much, so we left early and decided to shop instead!!!!! I mustn't buy anything as I am going to the SAG this Saturday with Loes and I have to get the crayons for the stamps this week as well....................but where oh where can I buy DOEZELAARS??????!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

ok, now it is just getting silly!!!!

Ann and I sat and watched in SHOCK this evening as Kate got voted in for another week on Strictly. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! She cannot dance and it is such a farce seeing her stay in and the delightful PENNY going out. Who is voting this way? Are they deliberately trying to ruin the programme for everyone else? How can our children appreciate the point of the programme if this happens? Len will go potty about this on Claudia's Take Two show this week!!!! And rightly so. Sorry, this is not a personal attack on anyone, least of all Kate, but this is so wrong. We all have our favourites, of course, but we are now half way into the show and it is time to start voting for the finalists and not the celebrities who are not hitting the mark. I cannot see the BBC being able to continue with the show if this is now the trend; voting just to be a nuisance. I suspect Kate must feel very bad about Penny leaving, however much she might be enjoying the show, because the good guys are having to leave as a result of her staying and NOT because they are bad dancers! We are so sad that this is happening again people... THINK ABOUT IT!!!! And vote with respect for the ones who are improving and working hard to learn to DANCE ( and not walk around the floor practically falling over and showing no potential at all). We are true Strictly fans so this is heart-breaking really. ps. Gethin IS gorgeous!!!! And he can dance!!!

Group photo Scrapfever crop in Rotterdam

This is the photo from the crop yesterday in Rotterdam. Just wanted to share this with you all!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

everything and nothing!

So it went well on Friday with the demonstration at KREATIEF, but I guess it could have been busier if the weather had been kinder.. ......and then I spent today in Rotterdam at the SCRAPFEVER crop. It was super meeting everyone and sitting and chatting and learning new ideas etc. for my stamping, but I hardly scrapped at all!!! It was more of a meet and greet opportunity which was fine, as I don't create well when I have got limited rescources and inspiration. I did buy some stuff from Chantal which is gorgeous and I can't wait to use, and I have got some stuff that I need to buy for my colouring of stamps etc. and that was that! Then Ann came round for Strictly.............SHE (not Ann!) HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!! Kate was hopeless and I felt the judges were more than kind to her this week! Her Salsa was appalling and there was no-one worse or anywhere near her in appallingness!!!!!! Way below standard and if the public vote her in this week it will be a crime. Even Kenny was so much better than expected and I wouldn't like to guess who should be in the dance-of tomorrow..............?????? any offers?!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

a sense of isolation...

Sometimes I feel that my scrapping just isn't up to the mark, and that I am totally alone in my hobby-ness......scrapping into the small wee hours just for my own pleasure; and to get me to fall asleep again!!! I was looking at a lot of other scrap-blogs just now, and they all seemed to be linked to one another but mine was not included, and I felt really sad and alone. I wonder why? Is it because I am not so good at forumming I wonder? Or do I not join in with challenges or other circles etc? Am I only in it for what I enjoy making? Do I not make scraps that people actually LIKE?!!!!! Since tomorrow I am giving the demonstration in KREATIEF, HOORN, it could just be nerves of course, but then again is it because I isolate myself? This is one reason I wanted to go to the Crop this Saturday with SCRAPFEVER; to get to know other people better and to find out more about what everyone else is doing out there!!!! I am a bit shy, and very English in my reserve-edness... ( all these new words I am making up here!!) but I am nice, and very friendly once you know me!! Of course I have ambitions and dreams of fame and fortune same as anyone else, but .....think I am just run down with my cold and headache and worry and this is so unusual for me as I am a real optimist!!!! Ah well, I have a blog because I want one, and I just want to say how FANTASTIC I feel when I see where and how many people are reading it apart from ME!! Huge hugs and thanks from me. xxx

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Christmas cards galore!!!!

Here are my latest christmas cards!!! As you can see, I enjoy designing lots of different ones, using various techniques and papers etc. The Siamese is for my friends Jackie & Steve as their cat Coco is a chocolate-point Siamese! The others are not person-specific but if anyone has a preference for which one I send them....say it now!!!! If you like these cards, do let me know!!

Oh, the British have the silliest laws!!!!

This was in De Telegraaf newspaper today: the British chose their silliest laws, and they are pretty interesting I thought: in first place; it is unlawful to die whilst in the Houses of Parliament or any government building! in second place; it is illegal to stick a stamp with the Queen on, upside down!! in third place; unless you are a man working in a tropical fishshop, it is illegal to go topless in Liverpool!!! in fourth place; If a Scotsman is seen wearing a kilt in York, it is legal to kill him!!! (interesting...) Finally, pregnant women are allowed to go to the toilet where ever necessary, including in the helmet of a policeman! So now you know! I know we don't update our laws that often, but I suspect these are pretty ancient!!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

These two are my choice as winners at the moment!

Alesha and Matthew to win!!!!

Strictly update week 5

I can't believe we are in week 5 already! There have been plenty of surprises so far, but this week I felt that the right person left the show: DOM. Sad for his partner, Lilia, but he was getting on my nerves with his moods and sarcastic comments, and he stood out as being different in his level of enjoyment v competitiveness from the other professionals. He had said at the start that he doesn't enjoy being no good at something and that he was 'in it to win it', but it was soon apparent that he had no sense of timing or rhythm so like that wasn't going to happen, right?!!!! Kenny is getting the votes for his 'entertainment value' and from Scotland, so he is still in; Aleesha is my absoulte favourite and the one I want to win; Gethin is gorgeous and coming up through the ranks now with Camilla; Matt is also great and is very serious about learning the dances and doing well, and Letitia Dean is making huge strides in her dancing. Kate is hanging on in there with Anton: she didn't trip or fall this week which according to Bruno was " a miracle"!!!! Penny seems to be a delightful person, really gentle and sweet, and she is also a favourite with her partner Ian Waite. It is still wide open, but I think the final 3 could be.... Aleesha; Matt/Gethin and Penny/Letitia. There, that is 5 and we can only have 3, BUT!! I think they are the best at the moment. It could ALL change if Brendan and Kelly stop messing around and get serious again..............come on guys, you are better than this weeks flop!!!!!


and people say that horoscopes and birth signs don't mean a thing!!!!!!? Yesterday I went to the gym with Loes and the first thing she said to me was that we had lots to tell one another -probably! And then we talked about our weekends, our moods, our sensitivities, our piscean traits, and you know what? Our experiences had been practically the same!!! It is such a comfort when you realise that the way one sometimes reacts to events is the result of ones genes AND birthday and not just one being moody!!! We can relate to one another so well when it comes to how we are as people, and I felt cheered by the knowledge that I was understood by someone dear to me. We are both married to Aquarians as well.........and they sound pretty similar too!! And then I talked to Lindsey who is an Aries, with her birthday 2 days before Tims. She was also someone who hated school, didn't do the work, scrapped through her GCSE's without revising and then failed her A levels and ended up with a grammer school education and an office job she hated. When Lindsey had to support herself financially, later on, she decided to go to university and train as an Occupational Therapist, and find a career for herself etc. I hear so many similar things from her and Tim...their school days are NOT the best days of their lives after all!!! Becci rang last night and had a long chat to Tim, and said that he is fine, just hates school as per usual, so I guess we have to grin and bear the ups and downs of the coming few years until he does realise that he has found something he wants to do in life.................hurry up!!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

what the heck was going on last night??!!!!

I don't know who it was in the middle of the night but they were making one heck of a racket in our street!!! Taking photos and talking loudly etc, awful. Both Peter and I woke up to the disturbance and we are not amused folks!!! Highly irresponsible behaviour and rather anti-social I'm afraid, and not something we have ever heard before here in down-town Westwoud!!! I hope it wasn't any of the neighbours but I suspect that it has to have been otherwise they wouldn't have been outside our window!??? Or else it was from across the road and the sound travelled and it felt as though it was right outside our house.... could also be possible I guess....anyway, point being, I'm tired and grumpy this morning, with a cold and a sore nose and throat and not at all inclined to be pleasant!!! "Grumpy old woman" is what I am today, so I hope I cheer up later on and can enjoy the day. Supposed to be one of the last decent days for a while too, heard hailstones and wind and rain etc forecast earlier. Maybe we will go for a walk and blow away the cobwebs? Good idea Suzanne!!

Kreadoe doe doe....

Here is Ann at the Kreadoe yesterday in Utrecht!!! It was actually not as busy as people had been telling me all week, and it was not a case of having to shout above the rest to be heard etc. It was really quite nice! Tiring of course, but Ann found the triple-fold cards she needs for her cross stitching, so she was very happy as you can see!!! Then time for a sit down and lunch before another wander around. It was quite a while before we finally found SCRAPFEVER's stand, and could say hello to Chantal and her father, and Sanderijn who was assisting for the day. I managed to buy most of the things I wanted on my list, including one thing for Loes that I hadn't expected to find, so she will be surprised tomorow!! I bought a small stamp of a Siamese cat, and a post-cat stamp which is cute! and the paper was good too. I suppose having been there I appreciate going to the scrap shops far more, as there is only a limited amount of items they can take to a show, and the small things I wanted were hard to find. But I spent up ( of course!) and we had a lovely day. Now I want to sit down and get on with some new projects ready for the demonstration I will be giving this coming FRIDAY in KREATIEF in KERSENBOOGERD, HOORN. 11.00 til 4.00pm so come along and see me scrapping, and sign up for some great workshops!

Friday, 2 November 2007

The front of the Book....

Here it is, the front of the book. The paper was perfect for it, with the side being of Santa himself and then plain space for the stamp and the rub-ons etc. The tiny bells are gorgeous and I love the folk-art style ribbons etc. Actually found them on the market this morning too; and bought all 5!!! I am very proud of this scrap-art project and will enjoy reading it with the family again this year, as always. I am just a true Christmas believer folks!!!! That magic exists is a wonderful comfort isn't it?!


back of page 3 ; inside of back cover; back of page 4; back cover; back of page 1; back of page 2; back of page 5; page 1; page 2; page 3; page 4; page 5; This is the book I have made for Christmas, about the story of Father Christmas arriving on Christmas Eve with his reindeers and bringing all the presents. We have read it every year as a family, and love it to bits!!!! I really had fun creating this version for myself, especially with the fantastic paper from My Mind's Eye and the Daisy D rub-ons etc. And those stamps..... wonderful! The front cover will be added later on....forgot to take a picture of it yesterday!!!!!! I have also made one using the frost paper from MME which is going to be completed soon, and then I want to make one more for little Benjamin, my cousins little boy. I think they will be pleased with that as a present for him to enjoy as he grows up. Anyway, if anyone wants to know more about how I made it, then e-mail me please! Got to run, it is a busy day with a workshop party for 6 girls this evening and then the Kreadoe tomorrow all day....our train tickets haven't arrived as yet so that is a blow - NS you have not kept your word!!!!! Anyway, Ann has solved the problem hopefully and they could still arrive today, fingers crossed. Really hoping to buy all that is on my list there...going to the bank now to get my spends out, yippee!!!!