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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday morning

I have now got three different body clocks working inside me!! 3am; 4am and 6am - I wake up automatically at these times whether I want to or not it seems, so whereas I could have enjoyed a longer lie in bed this morning, it just wasn't going to happen!! Instead I listened to some music, put a wash on, got up and stood on the scales........and yes!! Only 4 more ounces away from my 10kilo Christmas target!!! Hurray! I am so pleased that I am finding the determination to stick to my diet so well, and that it is working. All dieters need to see quick progress to remain committed, or a goal; something attainable and not a dream weight that is never going to be sustainable. Oh I would love to be a nifty size 12 or 14 again, but that ain't gonna happen, so instead my target is one I believe  achievable for me at my age and given my personality and love of food! So I think 20kilos is enough, I can believe in its possibilities, and I can visualise how I will look and feel at that weight. I am not sure that it will happen as soon as I would like it to, but I can accept that and still try..............now its your turn!
Tim has just reset our tom tom so that I can attempt to use it this morning for my trip to Den Haag. I got to Amsterdam and back in one piece yesterday and that journey is becoming more familiar and comfortable for me now. I still have to perfect my lane swopping as I head out of the city, but I am almost there. I know roughly three quarters of the way today, but it is that last part that worries me. Thankfully I am going to be in a part of the city that is vaguely familiar as it is not too far away from where Becci went to school several years ago. I think I can still find my way there!!! So, armed with paper directions and the tom tom, it ought to be fine.
So now I am going to gather my books, think about what I need to do today, and enjoy listening to the radio for a while.
Sue xx

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