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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Finka's big day!!

Finka is off to the vets shortly to be 'chipped 'n snipped'!! She is six months old now, and needs to be sterilised so that when she is a little bit bigger and the weather is a little bit better, she can go outside and enjoy herself. She gets chipped at the same time and I am so pleased we took out pet insurance for her as it is all free!!! I double checked with the vet last night but she is 100% covered for both things as she is under one year old, so that is super. Always so expensive otherwise. Heathcliff was also 'done' yesterday so they are both going to be outdoor cats before they know it! I have to take her at 8.30 so when I go downstairs she is going to go crazy as she is not allowed to have eaten since 8pm last night...........so I am steeling myself for a lot of loud miaowing to commence once I open the door!
My birthday passed off nicely. I saw my friends which was lovely and I have a whole bunch of cards on top of the computer cupboard and more are coming so that is what I love to see! Talking about cards..........Loes and I made one yesterday. I know, only one, but it was a good one!! And we started another which I plan to finish today, but it was a more complicated one to cut and fold than your usual standard one, the idea coming from the recent Cards Only magazine by the way. It works out wonderfully! We also did some stamping on it to make it more our style but I will post the end result and you can judge for yourselves!
Sue xx

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