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Monday, 15 March 2010

Two meals down, one to go!

So far, so good! Since I don't possess a working scales I have no idea what my kick off weight is, only that it is way too much and needs to go down! Blissful ignorance or fearful delusion???
Anyway, the omelette was okay but I was starving by 12noon having done the shopping and been to the vets and started the mammoth wash............so now I have had my prawn salad and water and that's it until dinner time!!! I keep thinking about the gorgeous Mapa Mundo top I bought at the weekend for my Easter Trip to my daughters, and how much better it will look and fit me if I loose a few kilos quickly. I needed shoes but I have wide feet and there were none to be found anywhere in Hoorn. Lots I loved but am never going to get my feet into!! I also badly need a haircut that I feel delighted by........and that has not been the case for a while now. I know curly hair is a problem 'cos it never stays the way the hairdresser cuts it for more than one night, and I have no idea what it is that I want it to look like either. I go there, sit in the chair and hope for a miracle to happen! I need hair inspiration before Saturday when I have my appointment. This is my pre-hairdressers nerves speaking chaps! Still, if my face was slimmer and I was slimmer all over maybe my hair would be slimmer too? What do you say about that?...............there are no "kinky kappers" here in our little area, or Ineke would be screaming into the screen 'go there Suzanne!' Brave I am not!!!! But still, I do wish just for once that I could have something completely different.................I guess it is the old menopausal syndrome taking hold............change before it is too late.............make a fresh start................take up a new hobby, all that jazz. Hmm, dieting doesn't make you cheerier does it?!!
Sue xx

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