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Monday, 8 March 2010

Start Day

So, despite still not having received the daily diet plans from the website of Dr. Frank, I have to keep my word and start it today. I got good advice this morning and some tips about what is to be expected from this diet regime, and so I have an idea of what to eat this morning!! No doubt Loes will be all organised for our lunch, so no worries there, and that only leaves the evening meal to think about today. Just been packing my inks and swirly machine in my bag before I get dressed etc as today we are playing with our alcohol inks. Or at least that is the plan!! It has snowed here over night so that is a nuisance this morning but I think it will rapidly disappear during the morning as it is not so cold anymore. So up and at 'em on all fronts today folks!!!
Sue xx

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