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Friday, 5 March 2010


It is that time of year again folks!! We have to stop hiding under our warm, baggy winter layering and start thinking about the summer time and less attire!! Those comforting cardies will soon be replaced by short sleeved t-shirts and long trousers by shorts.........ghastly thought right now!! Time for action then, but what should it be? Forgetting the old 'it never works anyway' excuse, it is once again time to decide what to do to get my body into some form of shape. ( well, it has a shape, just not a good one!). A start then, so that when it is a little warmer I will get on my bike once again and tootle off towards the water and enjoy my weekend/weekday bike rides. It did my hips wonders last year so I have to capitalize on that this year if it is going to continue skimming off the odd inch or two! Loes and I have decided to follow Dr. Frank. There is a site called www.eenkiloperweek.nl that is free and the idea is to lose 1 kilo a week for 10 weeks. That's a good start I think, don't you? We get recipes per day sent to us so you can buy what you need for the day and not waste too much money or food 'cos you have not cooked it within the sellby date. I have just been cleaning out my fridge y'see, and finally thrown out all those overdate items that have just been taking up precious space on my shelves! A pat on the back for me!! If I do this right, then by the time I go on holiday in July I ought to be in better health and better shape. So, anyone else care to join us?
Sue xx

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