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Friday, 5 March 2010

Houdini Cat!!

Finka has to wear a romper suit to protect her stitches. This consists of a soft cotton body stocking with holes for her head and front paws and velcro fastening between her legs ( so I can open it for her toilet drill!). It fits like a glove. And yet it would appear that she can wriggle out of it somehow - even with the velcro holding it tight - and discard it to lick her fur. Amazing. She does it so quickly and silently that I even miss her doing it when she is next to me!! So she has a new nickname of Houdini Cat!!! She is being very peaceful as her back legs are not fully functional yet, so she sort of totters across the floor towards me bleating like a little lost lamb!! And when she can't get any further she just stops and bleats pathetically until I lift her up and carry her back to her bed or my lap. So nothing is getting done in the house of course............at least she is not leaping everywhere so plants are safe for a while as were my birthday cards which in the beginning of the week were tumbling like a pack of cards from the top of the computer cupboard! I am being very patient and attentive and looking after her - she is so sweet!!!!
Sue xx

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