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Friday, 12 March 2010

A fantastic surprise!!!

Sometimes I see that artists/scrappers offer giveaways on their sites, and I am always amazed by how many people react to them and that one or two lucky people actually win super things each time. I am not someone who ever wins raffles or lotteries or prizes from competitions etc. Until today. I WON!!!
I still cannot actually believe I just read an email from none other than Rebecca Sower informing me that I have won her offering ( without giving what it is away as I am planning on it being a surprise for someone else ) and I am over the moon about it! A-MA-ZING!!! I replied immediately in case the bubble bursts and it wasn't meant for me, as I checked her blog for my name but there is no new post as far as I can see up until now..........so all I have to do now is wait.
What a turn up for the books!! Thrilling!
It has turned out to be a fantastic day on every level as far as I am concerned so this happy Friday is just getting happier by the hour!
Sue xx

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