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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lazy start

Yawn!!! I felt so sleepy this morning that I am only just out of bed at 9.42am!!! That has to be some sort of record for me! I woke up to my alarm at six o'clock, but went back off to sleep after half an hour and just didn't want to get back out again until now - felt the cats would be hungry otherwise I might have stayed longer! I actually feel as though I had a great nights sleep but I am one of those hamster types who isn't actually satisfied with anything less than ten hours per night. It was later than I intended last night as I went up early but started to read my new book from Jackie and before I knew it it was turned eleven. My bed was warm by then, and very cosy and my pillow was soft beneath my head, and the room was totally dark.............so sleep came very naturally to me and I was reluctant to give it up when there was no need to do so this morning.
Nothing else to talk about as yet then: still need to shower and have breakfast and take Tim to school for 11.am as he has the restaurant this evening, and my plan was to go to the market so that is where I will head once I drop him off. I'd thought about the garden for today but it is cooler than yesterday and the sun is not shining here, so maybe not.....or later on depending on the weather situation this afternoon.
Well the bathroom is now free so I guess that is my next port of call.............a warm shower.........tempting to go back to bed after one of those though..............
Sue xx

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