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Sunday, 7 March 2010

LARP explained!

Oh, suddenly thought you probably wonder what LARP is?!! Live Action Role Playing.
Tim is a huge medieval fan and of Lord of the Rings etc and he and his friend Chris are into this sort of warfare. Chris has been playing LARP for a while now and has a fantastic outfit and huge sword etc that he lugs along with him to the weekend battles/tournaments etc. The best outfits do resemble those of Lord of the Rings etc and Tim fancies himself as Aragorn I guess....one reason for growing his hair long and refusing to start shaving!!!! so that is what I am writing about. The cost of looking the part is huge...................hence the negotiated settlement for birthday money as there is a weekend on 24th April that they both want to take part in it apparently. And Tim turns 17 on the 16th of next month so timing is everything mum!!!!!
Sue xx


Ineke said...

Je hebt het zeker over de Elf Fantasy Fair! Mariska gaat ook elk jaar.... Ze kunnen nog zo heerlijk dromen en fantaseren! :-)

The Paper Lady said...

yes, that sort of thing!! We have one here in Medemblik too every year at the castle. tim wants to go to Utrecht in April to a weekend there.....