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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Freedom at last!!

Finka wriggled out of her jacket once again this morning so I decided to ring the vet just to really check that this was no longer necessary. Finka has discovered her freedom from its constrictions and is spending the day bounding around the living room as though she has been locked up in a cage for weeks and forgotten how great it feels to be alive!!! No signs of any pain or redness around her stitches but I do have to make sure she doesn't start to lick or bite on them...apart from that, go girl, go!! Genghis seems pleased to see her back to her usual tricks and is more friendly towards her again, although the odd snarl is meant to keep her in check I guess!!! I am delighted that she is enjoying life again and I no longer have to babysit her through the day and night!!
Sue xx

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