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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Happy Birthday!!

A rather wet and going to be windy day here! I listened to the forecast last night and it was obviously only good weather for ducks today!!! So no going anywhere, staying in and drinking coffee and eating cake! Tim has already popped in with his card and Lieke is coming later on this morning so I guess I will have my 'surprise' present then. I usually am a pretty good guesser when it comes to presents, so I know it will be something lovely having just seen the packing!! And an email from my friend Jackie this morning and early text messages.......all good for the soul!! I am not celebrating it in the full sense but I am hoping that some friends will call by so that the day has not passed entirely unnoticed. Tim's card summed it all up really - we'll get through this year and look forward to the next one which reflects how I feel about it as well. Loes came round yesterday and we are going to stamp together tomorrow morning so more chance to talk then! But now it is time to take a shower and face the first of my 365 days as a fifty one year old!!!
Sue xx

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