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Monday, 15 March 2010

New week, new effort!

I spent yesterday with friends in Zoetermeer which was lovely as I hadn't seen them for simply ages; in fact over a year!!! So there was plenty to catch up on and lots to talk about so the day flew by. But hard to stick to the diet rules, right? Not that I digressed terribly from what I have promised myself to do, but today it starts properly again with NO going off the rails!! I am making my list as I type!! The book is in the post and if I am to believe what it advertises, AND I do it to the letter ( another issue), I ought to be one dress size less in 14 days time!! Well, that would be just tikkedy boo my friends! So here is day one officially starting. I have had my eggs and tomato omelette and a cup of tea, and that is it til lunchtime. Until the book arrives I have to guess a little but it is along the lines of Dr Frank so I am using his suggestions until it does.
Finka and I are off to the vets this morning so I will shop at the same time and be domestically efficient today!!
Wow, a lot of things to go wrong within this brave set of resolutions this morning!!!!
Sue xx

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