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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Jamie Oliver in America

Since I am trying my best to change my own eating habits and diet, this video came at the right time for me and hopefully for all of you as well. It takes 18 mins to listen to it, and it is quite moving at times because of the content, but it is relevant to so many people including myself, therefore I wanted to share it on my blog.
I have two children myself. When I was at school we had Domestic Science lessons where we learnt about cooking and about food. I enjoyed it at the time and it enabled me to fend for myself once I went to college and later lived on my own and eventually when I married. My daughter didn't have cooking lessons at school; no longer part of the curriculum, but she had me at home, doing my best to cook fresh food and being creative with the limited resources I had, and she can cook now. My son wants to be a patisserie chef cum baker. He has always loved food even as a baby, so it is something he enjoys and takes an interest in. I feel very fortunate that he sees this as his future career. He has lessons at school here in the Netherlands because he is going into the food industry. Half his week at school sees him in the bakery or the kitchen or serving in their restaurant. He loves to bake, but he is also interested in it being the best it can be and not fast food, low quality ingredients. I'm not saying that a MacDonalds is totally out of the question! Maybe once or twice a year we think about it, but it is not a regular stop for us. Instead I think it is important to go to good restaurants so that he can become familiar with great menus and good cooking. We can't afford to go very often but when we do, it is special. He is a teenager who eats rubbish at times - but at home he gets to see what can be done with simple ingredients, what a good store cupboard needs in it etc and we have all the books he could wish for, including one written by another teenager. I like Jamie's recipes. They are great tasting and easy to follow. I like mediterranean food too, and believe that this is one of the most healthy diets in the world today.
Watch this video if you can, it is interesting and informative and although it is aimed at an American audience, it is relevant to every single one of us. Do something about your diet, and support me in my own efforts to change for the better.
Sue xx

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