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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Oh, what a beautiful morning!!

It is cold, I can see that from the ice on my car windscreen but there is a deep blue sky and the sun is shining and it looks like a glorious day awaits me. Just enjoying my tea, ha!ha!
Lets hope that the winter snows are a thing of the past and that spring is finally here.
What are my plans for today then, on such a lovely morning?
Tim and I are going to practice our Apple Tart, that's one thing; he has to continue with his school work and then we can make his portfolio together. We have reached an agreement (I hope and think)..........over the LARP items he would like for his birthday, and the school work I would like to see him finish!! He was delighted yesterday because he got his payslip and his extra holiday hours were included so he was able to go and buy something he wanted for his Xbox. He insists that this will not affect his concentration and he will still be able to do the school stuff................oh, Tim, was your mother never young herself?! Was I born yesterday? Do I know nothing whatsoever about you?! ...............
After all this has been done, then it is the more mundane housework that begs my attention but what I really want to do is get out in the garden!! Probably too soon, but I am truly torn between my desire to make the garden ready for spring and summer etc. and yet knowing that I am not doing it for myself, it takes the pleasure out of it quite a lot. I think the answer is to focus on my tubs instead. The portable garden!!! So that calls for a session on the settee or at the table, reading my lovely Alan Titchmarsh again, and finding inspiration for planting beautiful pots up!! Probably only at the dreaming stage this month due to low funds, but come April and I can start to get them ready. All chance of frost ought to be over by then, and there will be an abundance of flowers in the garden centres just waiting for me!! Several times when I have been walking around the shops recently I have been drawn to all the little trees like the blossom and catkin varieties, so I think I will have to make a decision about one of them first and foremost..........or remember next year when my birthday comes around that this is an ideal present for me!!! Forgot again this year, but not to worry. There is always tomorrow.
Sue xx

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