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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Good News.

My mother rang yesterday to say that my sister was in London having her Kidney Transplant!! Apparently she had been contacted on Saturday to be on stand-by, but that fell through as the kidney was not suitable, but she was then contacted at 2am on Monday morning and the ambulance took her straight to Kings College Hospital where she underwent the 9 hour transplant operation. She is currently in Intensive Care there and we have to wait and see how her body receives the new organ.................we have got everything crossed!!
At the same time I am fully conscious of the fact that someone, somewhere, lost their life in order for Joanna to have this second chance of a healthy future. So I thank all organ donors everywhere for their unselfish generosity and for their families who in such an unimaginable situation allow their wishes to be fulfilled.
It is no small feat.
I know because I was once with neighbours whose little girl had been knocked down whilst crossing the road to home, right outside our house just as I was coming along the road. She was taken to hospital some distance away, where she was on all the machines and ventilators necessary to give her poor shattered brain time to recover - or not. Under such circumstances they were unable to drive or even think about anything else so we did that for them for several days until that moment came when they were told Joanne was brain dead and asked whether they were willing to donate her organs. Their courage in deciding that their daughter would have wanted to do this was fantastic. We were all able to say goodbye to Jo, and then the team took over and we were able to go home. I know that afterwards, her mother was comforted by the knowledge that Jo's organs had gone to several different recipients and saved their lives. She believed her daughter was living on in their bodies and so was never really gone from them. I have never forgotten this and have two beautiful plates on my wall that they gave me in thanks for what we did to support the family.
I hope and pray that my sister will make the most of this gift and continue her life in a totally new light.
Sue xx

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