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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tea bags

Naturally, being English, tea is of the utmost importance to my well-being, and yesterday whilst out for a coffee, I was aware that my yearning for some Lemon and Ginger Tea was getting out of hand. I had cravings!! And since I had not found any tea over here, I was deliberating asking for an emergency sending to last me until April..........but fortune smiled on me when Peter broke one of my precious Bodrum glass tea mugs last night. It needed replacing and we decided to look in Enkhuizen this morning as there is a delightful tea/coffee and chocolate shop there on the Westerstraat. We found the mugs and as we were waiting in the queue to be served I noticed there were several different Twinning's teas on the shelves at the back. A little squeal of delight popped out when there in the middle were my darling LEMON & GINGER teabags!!!! So I bought two boxes and have been drinking it ever since!! Must tell Gebke too, another addict since our visit to England last year. Tesco do a very nice bag as well, if not a little tastier if I am totally honest, but I am not going to find them over here am I?!! On the subject of detective work, I have done rather well in another area today, haven't I, Becci?!!!!
Sue xx

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