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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Two's company, three's a crowd!!

Genghis is taking over the space in Finka's basket slowly but surely but whilst she is so little it really doesn't matter too much. They look the picture of contentment don't they?..............
After her wild shenanigans of yesterday Finka is paying the price today and is very subdued and quiet, not eating and just sitting in one place or another. I am keeping a watchful eye on her to ensure nothing is wrong but I think she was just too exuberant for her own good and now her has probably got to rest again.
Tim and I have spent the morning making the Apple Tart which is good but if Gebke, Tim and I are really honest, it is not good enough to be spectacular and that is what we were aiming for! We need to re-think what we can do to turn it into something more splendid.........it is good but since it is for our competition I cannot take a photo of it yet!!! Then Gebke rang and she and I took a turn around Westwoud in the cold sunshine which was lovely. I ought to do it more often! Our reward was the tasting of the tart and the tea.............yes, those teabags are disappearing fast!! Now we are settling down for a late afternoon snooze and a cuddle from those four footed friends of mine!!
Sue xx

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