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Sunday, 31 October 2010


Did you know that Hallowe'en originated in Ireland? And that turnips were first used there for the lanterns which were placed in the windows to ward away the evil spirits? Then many Irish emigrated to the states where they found pumpkins which were already being used as lanterns and were far better than turnips for sculpting and hollowing out and eating!!! The fastest time in the Guinness Book of Records for carving a face on a pumpkin will be just about 20seconds. And in 59 seconds a guy in England carved 102 pumpkins to beat the former record by a long score!! Spooky!!!
End of the weekend which was actually a really nice one. We invited our neighbours round this afternoon since we had not seen them since they got married. That was a pleasant couple of hours for everyone, and then it was time for dinner and the slow slide towards bedtime!
Tomorrow is another day, as the film title goes, and mine will start off with a lot of phone calls to the bureaucrats who don't get things right!!! Then for my injections.........bravery level not great at all. I have a full week to look forward to so that is unexpected. Motivation still high for my healthy eating, so happy with that and how it is going. Not much else to tell you really, so its time for bed!
Sue xx

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