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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nervous or what?!

It suddenly occurred to me this morning, very early on, when I had not slept all night for coughing and sneezing, that I might have to take a different route home again this afternoon!! Yipes, I hadn't thought of that before! I always tend to print out the 'get to' route and forget the 'get back' one is also handy to have. So, just printed it out, and used street view to get a picture in my head of what it will all look like when I arrive......the day itself does not bother me, it will be fine. It isn't raining which is good, and I ought to be coming home again whilst it is still lightish. The nightmare will be the coming months as I hate driving in the dark especially on motorways as my sight is not so good then. Tend not to know where I am!!
Anyway, maybe there are easy trains and trams if the worst comes to the worst, eh?
Well, better get my breakfast and lunch sorted, drink coffee to wake me up more after a terrible night, and pass the next hour comfortably downstairs!
Sue xx

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