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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cats are silent creatures..........

dogs are not!!! Oh, what a terrible night I've had!! Our neighbours are back home again and with their small dog - who howled the whole night through, poor thing. Obviously not liking being alone in a strange house, it cried for hours and hours, which I could hear clearly unfortunately, and so I finally got to sleep around 5am..........only to wake again at 5.30 when Tim got up for work!! So I am not as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I would like to be this morning!! I hope it settles tonight otherwise I am going to be cream-crackered by Monday.
Today I am going to try and look for some items I hope to add to my 'to save for' list so that when I can afford them, I know where to find what we like. The most important one being the 'afzuigcap'  above the oven. Just can't think what that is in English right now! ??? I have a couple of places  I want to look, but first I must make a list and take measurements and some photos as I just know I won't be able to explain it all properly when I get to the stores!! They say a picture tells a thousand words, right? So time to get to the shops for the essentials before it's coffee time - plan what I want to get for the weekend - tidy round a bit - nothing too strenuous as I am not up to it this morning ( yawn) and later on phone my mother who turns 80 today. Happy Birthday to you!!
Sue xx

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